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Let Us Know What You Want

Are you coming into the library and patiently, hopefully, looking for a certain book, which never seems to be there? In the summer in the children’s area of the Library it is usually the first book of almost every popular series, or the Disney Princess books. We don’t like to have you go away unhappy and bookless, so give us some feedback and we can help you connect with what you want.

Some insight into the workings of the Library: The Collection Development Department (they order the books) notices the number of reserves on an item and if it reaches a certain point they order another copy. That means that if you are looking for a particular book and it never seems to be in, and you are patiently doing nothing about it but getting irritated, please

• RESERVE IT. You could also

• Mention to the STAFF PERSON at the desk that you have been hoping for your book for ever so long, and to please make a note to the collection people to order another copy.

• OR, write that on one of the SUGGESTION CARDS helpfully placed at the catalog computers. Those are gathered and delivered to the appropriate people. Add your contact information if you would like a response.

At the desk, we are happy to reserve an item for you. You can also do it from home or at the catalog computers in the library, if you know your PIN number (you set one when you first got your card, but maybe it faded from memory). If you don’t know it, it is easy to set a new one at the check-out desk next time you are in. With it you can not only use the fast self-checks in the library, but you can access your own account, see your list of checked out items, reserve more, and keep a list of things you intend to read whenever you have the time.

The role of a public library is to fill the needs of its patrons whenever possible: let us know what you want.



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