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Reading the Classics: A Study in Sherlock

With more than a month to devote to my reading (I missed last month’s Reading the Classics deadline due to my not paying attention to said deadline), I was able to take on an extended reading project. Luckily, I had already jumped in to a project, a project that I was a bit skeptical of at first, the mystery genre. And of course if a guy trying to read classics decides on a mystery…well, there are certain authors that spring to mind. Agatha Christie was an obvious frontrunner, followed by several other huge names in mystery. However, my mind was made up with the help of LPL’s faithful Acquisitions Volunteer, Michelle. She is a pretty devout fan of Sherlock Holmes…mostly, I think, because of the current BBC TV series Sherlock. I have yet to see Sherlock…I have my hold on Season One of the series (you’d think the guy that orders the stuff for the collection would be able to get his holds placed a bit sooner). And since I couldn’t get my hands on the DVD set, I decided to do it the old fashioned way. I’d read some Sherlock Holmes stuff! And then, I decided to cheat and went straight to the audio version of A Study in Scarlet from the library’s handy audiobook partner, One Click Digital. It was a quick read listen and I enjoyed it so much that I was ready for some more Holmes stories. Luckily the library has plenty of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest character! I made it through several Holmes stories, some in their printed form, and others in their audiobook format. I did a few of the big ones…The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Sign of Four. And I grabbed a couple volumes of the library’s Holmes collections. I haven’t yet made it through all three volumes, but I’m enraptured enough to keep going! In fact, I said to my wife last night, “I think what I like about the Sherlock Holmes stories is trying to solve the mystery before Holmes does!” Well, she duly informed me that that’s the reason ALL mystery fans read mysteries. And so with my pride only slightly hurt (I say, only slightly because I’m proud to report that I have beat Holmes to a closed case on more than one occasion) I picked up my volume of Sherlock Holmes stories and got back to deducting, deducing, solving crimes!

-Dan Winsky, Acquisitions


  1. Bea says:

    I am a HUGE fan of the Sherlock series as well as the recent Robert Downy Jr. movies (not to mention the Holmes inspired Disney movie, The Great Mouse Detective). I’ve been meaning to read the original stories for ages and this has inspired me to just do it and jump in! Thanks!

    • Dan says:


      I’m so glad you’ve been inspired to read some Holmes stuff. Yes, the movies are great! And I can’t wait to get into the BBC series. I hope you enjoy reading them. If you’ve never given audiobooks a try (or even if you have!), the Sherlock Holmes stuff we have at the library and on the One Click Digital site are great. I SO love to have a British person read Sherlock Holmes mysteries to me!

      Happy reading!


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