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Teen Picks: “Bunheads” by Sophie Flack

Bunheads by Sophie Flack

What is it about? This novel is about a highschool professional ballerina. She makes a point of how being a ballerina is not at all easy and how it is much more work that they strive to make it appear.

What did you think of it & why did you pick it up? It was great! Being a ballet dancer myself, it was very inspirational, and sometimes funny! I could completely relate with a lot of the hard work and it taking up most of my time. Ballet is only for the truly dedicated. I picked Bundheads up because the title caught my attention. Also, the cover was pretty amazing, looking at a dancer as if through a kaleidoscope. It was an awesome book! I didn’t want it to end!

Star Rating5 Stars for rating the bookIt was awesome! Everyone should check this out!

I would suggest this for: Middle school girls, especially dancers

Review by: Adelaine Oskaloosa Junior High

Thanks for the review, Adelaine! Fans of ballet books should check out this list of YA novels about ballet!

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