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Angie Babbit


Artist: Angela Babbit

Banned/Challenged Book: Lolita

Reason for Banning: Questionable content and sexuality

Excerpt from Artist’s Statement: Because of its criminally lascivious content, it was not easy to depict a scene from Lolita without relying heavily on Nabokov’s use of innuendo and metaphor. In the image I created, we see Humbert Humbert, ”a shining example of moral leprosy,” at the dining room of the Enchanted Hunters hotel, enticing his young prey with cherry pie à la mode and pretty purple sleeping pills. Behind him is a mural of a hunter who is stalking an innocent giraffe. But the hunter is soon to be ambushed and enchanted by the magical dryads in the shrubbery and trees.
This piece is a linoleum print combined with hand-painted monoprint on Hahnemuhle paper.

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