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Game Show Games!

During the past console generation battle, there was an extremely conscientious effort by designers to produce games that reached groups that normally would never play video games. Part of this movement lead to huge variety in genres, even for some extremely niche audiences. For example, if your family is the type that likes to watch game shows while enjoying dinner, the library’s game collection has a few titles perfect for your category of interest. The magic of the game show doesn’t have to end when the credits roll if you pick up one of the following titles! As usual, the games are ESRB rated E for everyone, so there are no age restrictions on contestants. However, this is one group of games where the older and wiser might have an advantage over the younger competition, but that’s might be an added benefit depending on what side you are playing from.



Jeopardy: Playstation 3

Coming with over 3000 clues, brush up on your question asking skills in this classic game show based game (also available for Xbox 360). 


Millionaire XBox

Who Wants to be a Millionaire! Xbox 360

If you ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be in the famed hot seat, this is your chance! Should you use a lifeline by phoning a friend, asking an audience, or a 50/50? Or should you risk it all for the big dollars? It might not pay out like the real show, but the fun to be had is priceless.

Family Feud WiiFamily Feud: Nintendo Wii

Challenge your friends and family to a battle of guessed commonalities. The game comes with over 1000 unique surveys for a truly interactive experience. Will you win your Family Feud?




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