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You Need to Fread!

Some months ago, the fabulous folks over at the State Library of Kansas, implemented a pilot program of a new digital book platform called Freading (free reading, get it?). What makes Freading unlike our 3M and OverDrive products is there are no wait lists on any of the books. As many people can read a book at the same time as they want! (In library lingo, we call that unlimited simultaneous use.)

Great, right? So, why not try it out. (You just need a State Library of Kansas Card. If you don’t have one, we can get you one here at the library.) There are a lot of books on the site and since it can be a bit tricky to search, here are ten great titles to get you started!

  1. J. Robert Lennon, The Funnies
  2. Clinton Heylin, From the Velvets to the Voidoids
  3. Andre Dubus, Selected Stories
  4. George Gamow, One Two Three… Infinity
  5. Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams
  6. Walker Percy, The Moviegoer
  7. Larry Brown, Joe
  8. Rebecca Lee, Bobcat and Other Stories
  9. Lewis Nordan, Music of the Swamp
  10. Edward Eager, Half Magic


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