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Know Your Librarian: Jenny Cook

Name: Jenny Cook

Department: Youth Services

Book you’ve always meant to read but haven’t:  Pride and Prejudice. Infinite Jest is a close second.

Book you’ve read too many times to count:  Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard. (Maybe I’ll read it again instead of reading Pride and Prejudice. Hmm.)

Favorite genre?  I like reading funny nonfiction and literary fiction. Most of my reading life these days is spent getting to know the children’s section (fantasy and realistic fiction are my favorites!).

Do you currently have any overdue items or fines?  Yes- I always have fines!

Your favorite book from childhood?  Where the Red Fern Grows <3

What superpower would you like to have?  I would like to time travel. Being able to heal people would also be pretty amazing.

What is your favorite place to eat/shop/hang out downtown?  ATC is my favorite clothing shop. The Bourgeois Pig and Aladdin Café are also favorite spots.

Interesting bonus fact: (special skill? volunteer experience? etc).  I’m pretty good at moving each of my toes individually, which really impresses my husband. I love making art when I find the time. Also, I’m a pretty good whistler.

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