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Adventure Time!

“Dude, what time is it?”

“Dude, its Adventure Time!”

If you just smiled when you read the above quotes, you must be familiar with the popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Now in its fifth season Adventure Time follows the capers of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human through enchanted lands inhabited by talking cupcakes, emotional mountains, and the icy Ice King. Available on DVD at Lawrence Public Library, Adventure Time seasons one and two are loaded with over fifty goofy episodes that kids and adults can enjoy together.

Adventure Time 2

 In addition to the T.V. series LPL also carries the newly released Adventure Time comic book collection. These graphic novels are beautifully illustrated and, for me, even more hilarious than the animated series. I brought two of the Adventure Time graphic novels home for my eight-year-old daughter. She read them both in one sitting and on our next trip to the library she read another. 


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