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Artistic Inspiration

Looking for some new inspiration for your art? A new craft to try out? Maybe some ideas for holiday presents? Check out some of the new craft and art books we have in the Teen Zone. 



 Craft-a-Doodle by Jenny Doh

Using a simple doodle as a starting point, 18 artists take you on an inspirational, crafty journey! Filled with inventive prompts designed to fuel the imagination, these 75 exercises motivate crafters to pick up a pencil, brush, or marker, and explore their artistic voice. From quick “try it” ideas using shapes and patterns to doodled portraits and contour drawings, these step-by-step projects are wild creative fun. The featured artists include Cori Dantini, who provides a “Recipe for a Face”; Flora Chang with innovative watercolor designs; and Teesha Moore who offers ideas for adding personality to doodled characters.

Bead Bugs by Amy Kopperude

A bead book like you’ve never seen before! Learn how to make dragonflies, spiders, butterflies, hermit crabs, scorpions, geckos, sea horses, and more! Using beads, wire, and other craft materials, learn how to make 25 different creep crawlies with clear step-by-step photos and instructions. The bugs can be made into jewelry, ornaments, put into shadow boxes, or given away as gifts.


Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman & Sarah Skeate

Have a zombie lover in your life? How about a homemade zombie feltie for the holidays? Learn how to make:
* Zombie Bride
* Zombie Puppy
* Vampire Zombie
* Zombie Bunny
* Folklore Zombie
* Zombie Surfer, and more
With only the most basic of sewing skills, crafters can raise their own macabre multitude of “Zombie Feltie” creations from the undead with an average construction time of less than one hour per pattern. Each design includes a full-color photograph of the finished project, as well as an illustrated, instructional overview, pattern diagrams, and a convenient list of everything needed to complete the project.
“Zombie Feltie” friends can be customized with limitless embellishments and they make great Halloween decorations, party favors, finger puppets, key rings, and even mobile phone mascots. Get ready to shudder as you stitch.

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