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Nerd Nite 22: Ready to Rumble

What is nerd nite? Aside from awesome, it’s a monthly lecture event that strives for an “inebriated, salacious, yet deeply academic vibe.” (credit: Nerd Nite – San Francisco)

Check out our local chapter’s website to learn more.

This time around we’re getting our nerd on with Peter, Paul and Elwood.  Here’s some great websites if you want to learn more about the world of the prairie chicken and Dagorhir.

The Quest to Rescue the King of the Plains: How to Really Save the Prairie Chicken

Paul Dietz

praire chicken

This species was once prevalent, but has become rarer due to habitat loss.

Paul recommends this very scholarly article on the prairie chicken.

Check out the Smoky Valley Ranch site.

Want to hear what a prairie chicken sounds like? Check out this article. And here’s a site with some more species information.

Here’s a site to learn about the history of prairie chicken dancing at pow-wows, and here’s the Native Pride Dancers site.


Dagorhir: From Serf to Iron Chancellor

Elwood Schaad

Elwood Schaad will tell us about the world of medieval combat.

For resources Elwood suggests the Dagorhir main site.









And for inspiration there’s always Tolkien and we’ll throw in some George R.R. Martin as well, and the documentary Darkon.


A big thanks to nerd nite presenters for sharing their resources with us!


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