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We Have a List for That

You may have noticed the two, small, blue portable file boxes on the floor near the desk in the Children’s area.  In one you will find current and past winners of the Newbery, Caldecott, and William Allen White awards – to name just a few.  Other awards are more specific: the Scott O’Dell Award is for historical fiction, the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award is for books for beginning readers, and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award is for authors and illustrators who have make over the years, “a lasting contribution to literature for children.”

The other file contains a wide variety of booklists that bring together books of the same subject or genre.  If you need books on adoption, bullying, grief, or going off to school for the first time, we have a list for you.  If your older readers can’t get enough mysteries, historical fiction, fantasy, or science fiction, we have lists that can help you find what you need.

Pirates Fact TrackerNew additions to the Booklists file are designed to help you find the non-fiction selections for two popular children’s series:  The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne and The Magic School Bus by Joanna Cole.  Mary Pope Osborne has written around 50 Magic Tree House fiction books starring Jack and Annie, but did you know that she has also published nearly 30 non-fiction companion books called Fast Trackers?  This series is widely used in schools and is very often a young student’s first introduction to chapter books.  Mrs. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus gang are well known to elementary aged students as well, and the books and videos are often used to support science curricula in the lower grades.

Since these books are non-fiction, they are shelved by call number throughout the children’s non-fiction section which can make browsing a little difficult.  Our lists, on the other hand, are organized by topic, so even if you are not sure of a title, they can be easily found.

The award and book lists mentioned here represent only a fraction of our total collection.  Come by the Children’s Library desk and browse all of the lists in our little blue files.  If you need a copy of a list, we will make you one – free of charge.


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