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Divergent Faction Reading List: Abnegation

We’re getting excited for our Divergent Movie Release Party during Spring Break (!!!) so we made reading lists for members of each faction. Bonus: if you’re divergent, and fit into more than one faction, you have even more books to discover! First up, Abnegation. These books feature situations where characters act selflessly.

abnegation faction reading list

Something Like Hope - Shawn Goodman

Shavonne has been in a juvenile detention facility since 7th grade. Despite her difficult life, she saves the life of a mentally unstable roommate and defends those weaker than herself. With the help of a counselor, Shavonne begins to hope for a better life. Members of the Abnegation faction would appreciate this moving story about how we can help others.

Vessel - Sarah Beth Durst

Liyana has always known that in order for her tribe to continue to survive in the harsh desert, she must give her body over to become a vessel for their goddess, Bayla. She has selflessly accepted her fate, but though she performs the rituals, the goddess does not come and her people abandon her. She then embarks on a quest to find not only her missing goddess, but the kidnapped gods of other tribes as well. This unique fantasy will delight and inspire the self-sacrificing abnegation.

Book of Broken Hearts - Sarah Ockler

Jude’s idea of an exciting summer after high school graduation didn’t include taking care of her father, who has early onset Alzheimer’s disease, but she selflessly sees that he is safe and tried to help him hold onto his memories by restoring his motorcycle he rode around Argentina in the happy days of his youth.

Scarlet - AC Gaughen

This re-imagining of the Robin Hood tale still stays true to the calling of the band of thieves in the original. Abnegation might not approve of their tactics, but would certainly sympathize with the motivations for “robbing from the rich to feed the poor.”

Burn  - Heath Gibson

William Tucker is a good guy–he gets good grades, has a part-time job, and is even a volunteer firefighter, but he still doesn’t live up to his father’s expectations. Members of the Amity faction will relate to his aspirations and find his struggles compelling.

Juvie - Steve Watkins

When Sadie accepts the blame for a crime she didn’t commit to keep her older sister out of jail, she learns about self-sacrifice and that “maybe not being guilty wasn’t the same as being innocent.”

Check out the rest of the faction reading lists! We’re posting them all as we lead up to the movie release party! 

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