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Divergent Faction Reading List: Amity

We’re getting excited for our Divergent Movie Release Party during Spring Break (!!!) so we made reading lists for members of each faction. Bonus: if you’re divergent, and fit into more than one faction, you have even more books to discover! This list features books for Amity, the peaceful.


Crossing Stones – Helen Frost

This novel in verse follows several teens during WWII, where some experience war firsthand and others fight for peace and women’s suffrage, causes that Amity members would surely support.

Sorta Like a Rock Star – Matthew Quick

This is the story of Amber Appleton, who is relentlessly friendly and optimistic, even though she lives in a yellow school bus with her mom. If she lived in the world of Divergent, she’d definitely choose the Amity faction.

All You Get Is Me – Yvonne Prinz

Aurora lives on an organic farm and advocates for the rights of migrant workers — she’d surely fit in with other Amity members.

Peaches – Jodi Lynn Anderson

This story about three girls who spend the summer on a Georgia peach farm and the power of true friendship captures the true Amity spirit.

Resistance – Carla Jablonski

This graphic novel is about taking a stand against the atrocities of war, and the themes will resonate with members of Amity.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson – John Green

If any faction is going to start writing musicals, it will be Amity. This story alternates viewpoints between two boys with the same name who accidentally meet and end up having their lives play out on stage in a musical written by their mutual friend, Tiny Cooper.

Check out the rest of the faction reading lists! We’re posting them all as we lead up to the movie release party! 

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