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Divergent Faction Reading List: Dauntless

We’re getting excited for our Divergent Movie Release Party during Spring Break (!!!) so we made reading lists for members of each faction. Bonus: if you’re divergent, and fit into more than one faction, you have even more books to discover! This list is for Dauntless, the brave.


Sabriel – Garth Nix

Sabriel is trained in magic as a necromancer and has to journey into the world of the undead to save her father. We’re not even sure every member of Dauntless would be able to face the dangers she encounters along the way.

Bruised – Sarah Skilton

This novel about teen martial artist Imogen explores the intersection of physical strength and emotional strength. She feels guilty when she witnesses a robbery and does nothing to stop it and struggles to know when to fight. This realistic novel explores the question of what it truly means to be “strong.”

Uglies – Scott Westerfeld

Tally lives in a world where everyone has an operation at 16 to turn them “pretty.” Just as Tris discovers something sinister in her world, Tally finds out there’s more to being pretty than meets the eye, and she must also find the courage to fight against those who seek to control.

Never Fall Down – Patricia McCormick

Arn’s life is forever changed when soldiers enter his Cambodian town separate him from his family and force him into a labor camp. It takes amazing courage and bravery to survive in a war-torn country and become an agent of peace after being forced into a soldier’s life.

Code Name Verity – Elizabeth Wein

This story of a pilot and a spy during World War II is all about true bravery, and true friendship.

Divided We Fall – Trent Reedy

Dan, a soldier, accidentally fires a shot that starts a second civil war in America in the not too distant future. Many in Dauntless will relate to how easily their actions can have ripple effects that have lasting implications. As Dan says: “Once blood is spilled, we’re stuck in the fight for the long haul. If we work out a compromise, then what was the point of all those casualties?”

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