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Divergent Faction Reading List: Erudite

We’re getting excited for our Divergent Movie Release Party during Spring Break (!!!) so we made reading lists for members of each faction. Bonus: if you’re divergent, and fit into more than one faction, you have even more books to discover! This list if for Erudite, the intelligent. 


Origin – Jessica Khoury

Pia grew up in a secret lab in the rain forest because she was created by scientists to be the start of an immortal race. Doesn’t that sound like something the Erudite would try to do?

Deadly – Julie Chibbaro

This book is about epidemiology at beginning of a 20th century, when a seemingly healthy woman infects many people with deadly Typhoid fever and is based on a true story.

Magisterium – Jeff Hirsch

Glenn lives in a world where a fence separates her home from a land full of the unknown, but Glenn isn’t interested in the rumors of magical monsters and witches rumored to exist on the other side of the divide. Glenn’s been happy to devote her time to her studies and dream of escaping the research station where her father works, until he’s arrested and she’s on the run with nowhere to go except into the unknown. This book is for any Erudite members who appreciate science and technology, but still believe there is magic in the world.

Genius Squad – Catherine Jinks

Genius doesn’t necessarily make someone evil, but we can see some members of the Erudite faction starting the Evil Genius school that is the setting for this humorous series.

Slated – Teri Terry

Kyla has had her memory wiped because she was allegedly difficult…this procedure, known as “slating” is something Erudite would come up with.

Smart Girls Get What They Want – Sarah Strohmeyer

The title of this contemporary novel is basically the Erudite motto.

Check out the rest of the faction reading lists! We’re posting them all as we lead up to the movie release party! 

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