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Financial Literacy at LPL

In 2010, the library was awarded a grant from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, to offer programs and materials dedicated to teaching financial literacy in our community. We accomplished this by providing a series a speakers to host Financial Wellness Clinics, offered housing and credit counseling workshops, provided child care during workshops for busy parents, sponsored the Reality U program at both Lawrence High School and Free State High School for students to learn financial literacy, and purchased books and materials to serve as permanent resources in our collections.

To increase the longevity of our Financial Wellness Clinics, we filmed these programs and are now offering the videos and corresponding materials on our website to anyone interested in learning about the following topics:

1. Pay Yourself First: Creating a Household Budget and Sticking to It

Session 1 Handouts:


2. Getting Out of Debt: Saving and Investing

Session 2 Handouts:


3. Groceries: Weekly Meal Planning and Food Savings

Session 3 Handouts:


4. Be Prepared:  Establishing An Emergency Fund

Session 4 Handouts:


5. Saving and Investment Basics

Session 5 Handouts:


6. Setting Goals and Achieving Your Financial Dreams

Session 6 Handouts:


7. Choosing Investments Wisely and Practicing Good Habits


8. How to Spend and Save in Relationships




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