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Gardening With Kids

Summer vacation brings swimming, camps and ice cream. But often summer also brings loss of recently learned classroom knowledge and skills that can cause setbacks in learning. Gardening is a great way to incorporate learning, exercise, and fun into any kids summer. It’s also a wonderful way to create bonding time with your child! Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Try experimenting using different containers such as window boxes, pots or even an old boot. Once you have everything planted, spend some time with your junior scientist observing insects, wildlife and the plant lifecycle and then write down your findings in a journal. If you’re new to gardening check out the following books to get you started on your garden adventures. Happy planting!

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curious gardenThe Curious Garden by Peter Brown


 in the gardenIn The Garden by Elizabeth Spurr, for the youngest gardener.


 butterfly garden

Design Your Own Butterfly Garden by Susan Sales Harkins





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  1. Daron says:

    Very informative. I will use these techniques with my kids.

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