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Summer Noise

Summer readers and families are packing into our small space to pick up their reading logs and to bring them back finished to get their prizes, and to come to storytimes, and clubs. And to sit around and use the computers and iPads, read books, talk, socialize, study, and just be away from home!  When you think about it, public libraries are almost the only places where anyone can go and sit down and be among other people, no questions asked. Parents come not only to start the kids out right with language and reading, but to have other parents to talk to, and no dishes to wash. So, don’t forget to plan ahead for NO LIBRARY from July 9 through July 25! Stock up on books, CDs and DVDs. No items will be due during that time, so take as many as you like. Then on July 26 come for opening events at the new old building, going apparently all day!


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