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Candice Millard: Meet Churchill Before He Was Churchill

From New York Times bestselling author of Destiny of the Republic and The River of Doubt comes a thrilling narrative of Winston Churchill’s extraordinary and little-known exploits during the Boer War.

On Wednesday, Nov 30, 7-8:30 PM at Free State High School Auditorium, hear Candice Millard’s history of Churchill’s exploits during the Boer War, a conflict he pursued to make his mark on colonial England, and to win the respect and notoriety that led to the Prime Minister’s seat.

Hero of the Empire is more than an adventure story, for the lessons Churchill took from the Boer War would profoundly affect 20th century history.” (Source:

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  1. Kathryn Barker says:

    The web page says that Candice Mlillard will be at Free State High School on Wednesday, Dec 30th. That is a Friday. It was my understanding that she will be here on Wednesday, November 30th. Can you please clarify? Thank you.

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Hi, Kathryn! Yes, our error. The correct date is: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 from 7-8:30 PM at Free State High School Auditorium.

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