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What Happened to the LPL App?

There a new way to carry LPL in your pocket, and it’s not from an app store. We said goodbye to the LPL app in December and replaced it with something better: Bibliocommons Mobile.

Whether you’re Android or Apple, the switch is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. If you’re familiar with saving links to your home screen, jump right in.

We think you’ll be impressed:

  • Get instant access from your home screen just like the app (that’s not changing)
  • It’s faster, easier, quicker
  • It looks and works the same on all devices
  • Seamless browsing with better lists
  • Easy to bookmark
  • It’s FREE

Why are we doing this?

  • Advances in technology​ (responsive design) make mobile browsing feel like an app
  • Having both (paying for an app while having a free site do the same thing) is duplication
  • The LPL app isn’t cheap— we’ll be able to explore other products and services for you

We’ve included steps below for making the switch. If you get stuck:

  • Stop by any of our service desks for help
  • Chat with a librarian online
  • Call 785-843-3833 for assistance
  • Chat with one of our Tech Staff at the lower level Tech Desk

NOTE: “LPL Mobile” is the name we chose when saving the link to our home screen. You can call it whatever you’d like!

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 5.01.08 PM

Android users: More info here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.00.07 PM

Apple users: See video demo on Lifehacker for more info.


  1. Suzanne says:

    Will the new app still show what I currently have check out and on hold, and the due dates?

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Hi, Suzanne. You won’t be saving a new app, rather a direct link to Bibliocommons (the library catalog, your account, etc.) When you save it to your home screen, though, it will look like an app (you get an icon.)

      And yes to all your questions. You will have access to all the things you are used to having, but it will happen faster and much more smoothly.

      If you get stuck, or if this is in any way confusing, give us a call or stop by any desk.


  2. Maxine Younes says:

    I have a Microsoft phone. Will this work with my phone?

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Hi, Maxine! Joel in our Tech Department is looking for some simple instructions that will show you step-by-step how to do it like we did for the Android and Apple phones. We’ll comment here when we find something. As long as you have internet access through your phone and your phone can bookmark a website to your home screen, then you should be able to. PRO TIP: Our free Tech Drop-in is tonight at 5 PM in Meeting Room B. Feel free to bring your phone and we’ll help you get set up. It’s first come, first served basis.

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Maxine, try this:

      1. Open the web browser of the phone (likely Internet Explorer)

      2. Type in and navigate to

      3. While on the website, tap on the ellipsis icon (…) at the bottom of the screen for more options. It should be next to the web search bar.

      4. Tap “Pin To Start” This will create an icon for the LPL site in the Start menu of the phone.

  3. carol says:

    On your Android directions, you have the wrong website listed. You forgot the o in bibliocommons.
    Also, you should post this on Facebook as I totally forgot about this change.

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Thanks, Carol! We’ll re-circulate the info on Facebook and other social media outlets, too. And will get that typo fixed ASAP.

  4. Will try to get it on my mobile. Thanks

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