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Game of Gnomes 2017

Starting MondayJune 5 through July 28, get ready for a summer fitness adventure into the great “ungnome”! Whether you’re House Lannister or House Stark, it’s your job to find all 21 gnomes we’ve hidden in various parks around town. Form a fellowship or strike out solo and earn some loot! Download the map here or pick one up at our Welcome Desk  starting June 5. Made possible with support from the Douglas County Community Foundation.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Visit the walking paths in the parks on the map.
  2. Each location has two gnomes. Find them, and their special names along each path.
    DeVictor Park has a bonus third gnome located in our Storywalk®.
    The gnomes at Rock Chalk are quite far apart, spanning between E 902 RD and E 1000 RD.
  3. Match the park’s number with the gnome names on your handout. Write the park’s number next to the gnome’s name in the blank provided.
  4. Find all 21 gnomes. We’ve included three “wild card” gnomes on the list to keep you on your toes (you won’t find them—they’re just decoys.)
  5. Fill out your contact info and return the sheet to our Welcome Desk to enter the raffle for your very own gnomes!

Gnomenclature GUARANTEED FINISHER PRIZES A coupon to Ad Astra Running A coupon to the Rolling Gnome Gaming Store A surprise tchotchke One of these four glorious finisher buttons — You choose! GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE To be announced… Oh, the suspense! Game of Gnomes pins small


  1. Lori Franken says:

    Hi! We found a black legnome in South Park and a black papad.gnome in Sandra Shaw. Were those just fun little extras?

  2. Heather Kearns says:

    Hi, Lori! People are hilariously stencil hacking the game all on their own and it’s cracking us up. We’ve seen a penguin version named PENGUINOME, and last night someone sent a picture of their kid next to LEGONOME. They’re not officially part of the game, but we love them nonetheless.

    • Lori Franken says:

      Thanks for the reply! The funny thing for us is legonome was the first one we found … what are the odds??!! It really had us scratching our heads!! We’ve had a lot of fun with this and were a little sad when we found our last one … our thanks to whoever thought of it :)

  3. David says:

    The Rock Chalk Park gnomes should be freebies. I really don’t know what they were thinking on this one. We went out twice with our grandson and could not find them. We accidently found them today. You talk about an incredibly ridiculous walk for children.I think the Library should honor any child that comes in by the deadline for Rock Chalk Park. We were told there have been numerous calls for this one. Other than that this has been a really fun experience for our grandson.

    • Karen Allen says:

      Hi David, I’m sorry you had trouble with the gnomes at Rock Chalk. This one was really hard. We tried to make it a bit easier by giving clues on this page and by also giving the info desk at the Sports Complex a map with the gnome areas circled. All that being said, I’m glad you explored and found them! Having fun, exploring, and getting some exercise is the point of the game, but we also don’t want anyone to have a terrible time. We will totally honor any forms turned in if the last two gnomes at RCP haven’t been found. Please let us know if we can help you out in any other way. -Karen

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Hey, David! Bring your kiddos by for their loot!

      RCP has proven to be the most challenging hunt out of all 10 parks. As this was an all-ages event, the difficulty level varied to some degree. Anyone who gives it the ol’ college try and comes up empty-handed still gets prizes. Hopefully we’ve worked out some of the kinks this first year! We’re just happy to know people are out getting exercise and seeing what Lawrence has to offer. In the future, let us know when you’re stuck — we’re happy to give hints (or answers if you’ve already made the effort.)

  4. Shantell says:

    What is the deadline to turn in today? We had all but ROck chaos finished and lost our form so printing one off now and headed out again to try and get them I remeber where most are at just not the names at each place except a gnome has no name. That was my favorite one so it stuck with me.

    • Heather Kearns says:

      We’ve extended the deadline to claim prizes to Wednesday, August 2. Bring your form to the Welcome Desk! No worries about going out and re-doing it. We trust you. Email Heather at for tips, hints, and answers. :)

  5. Scott says:

    Has the raffle already occurred? If not, when is it? Also, can the completed maps still be turned in for the prizes even though Friday was the last day? Great event–please do more of these!

    • Heather Kearns says:

      The raffle will happen at our Summer Reading Last Bash on Thursday, August 3 from 7-9 PM! And yes, we’ve extended the deadline to claim prizes to Wednesday, August 2. Bring your form to the Welcome Desk! So glad you liked this! We want to do more of these types of programs!

  6. Nicke says:

    What was the grand prize?

  7. Ellen Bryson says:

    Cheers to you! I’m wondering if this activity is copyrighted or if you would be interested in sharing the names of the gnomes, the game idea, etc? I am an elementary librarian in NC who is very interested in this idea and would like to replicate it for my small beach community.

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