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Tiny House Festival

By now you’ve probably heard of tiny houses. This social movement focuses on downsizing living spaces for environmental and financial reasons, and the desire for more time and freedom.

On SundayJune 18 from 1-5 PM, come see what all the fuss is about and tour a tiny house!  Then join us from 2-3:30 PM for a panel discussion about sustainable design, affordable housing, and tiny homes. Email Melissa at for more info.


  1. Pamela Bonham says:

    So excited about this! And thanks for doing this. I’ve been reading about Tiny Houses for a long time.
    My question is about the panel discussion. Is there going to be someone there who can speak to the Lawrence/Douglas Co. laws, regulations, and codes relating to tiny houses, or very small dwellings? It’s great for us to get fired up about scaling down, only to discover that these tiny houses would be against some kind of city or county code. Thanks.

    • Melissa Fisher Isaacs says:

      Hi Pamela–
      Great question! Yes, the panel discussion will include two representatives from the City of Lawrence Planning department, who will be speaking about not only what is currently legal, but also about how Lawrence residents can effectively get involved to shape local policy. We’re looking forward to a great discussion!