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Attention Hoopla Users!

If you’re a hoopla user, starting Tuesday September 5, you’ll notice a few changes to the service.

After thoughtful evaluation, we’ve made some decisions that will yield a bigger bang for your buck and allow us to focus on what’s in demand. We’ve tried to anticipate questions below, but if we missed something, email Tricia or William for answers.

In a Nutshell:

  • You’ll have a NEW monthly check out limit of 4 per library card (was 5)
  • Audiobooks, eBooks and Comics will still be available for checkout
  • Movies, TV shows, and music will no longer be available for checkout
  • A daily spending limit will apply (see below)

Q: Why are you lowering the monthly checkout limit from 5 to 4?

The library pays an average of $2.19 for every title you check out from Hoopla — regardless of whether you read it or not. In reviewing our stats, we found that the majority of patrons use no more than 3 checkouts. By lowering the checkouts to four, we can better manage the overall cost to the library while evening the playing field between our power users and those who only check out a few titles a month.

Q: Why are Hoopla videos and music going away?

It’s hard for the library to compete with video and music streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora and other sources for cheap or free popular content. In the past year, we’ve found that Audiobooks and eBooks are the most popular formats on Hoopla. By turning off Hoopla videos and music, we can focus our budget on providing the content that’s most in demand and not easily available to you otherwise.

For streaming video, we would encourage you to check out Kanopy. With over 26,000 movies, documentaries, and indie and foreign films from over hundreds of producers, Kanopy provides libraries content that you normally can’t get from consumer streaming services like Netflix, including The Criterion Collection and The Great Courses.

Q: I got a message that says, “Our daily limit has been reached. Please continue to browse, add favorites and come back tomorrow.” What does that mean?

We now have a daily spending cap on Hoopla to moderate how much we spend on Hoopla each month. For example, when we take the monthly budget of $8150 / 31 days =  $263 per day. When the daily cap has been reached, no one will be able to check out for the rest of the day. This doesn’t mean you’ve lost any of your 4 checkouts — just that you’ll have to wait until the daily limit is reset. This occurs around 7 PM CST.

Q: What time of day is the daily limit reset?

The daily budget resets at midnight universal time, which will vary between 6 PM and 7 PM Lawrence time, depending on daylight savings.


  1. Justin N Bates says:

    Quick question.

    If any particular day does not reach the max, will you roll the unspent Dollars forward?

    How about month to month?

    Justin Bates

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Hi, Justin! Good question. Right now we’ve budgeted an amount that we think will meet the needs of our users, but we’ll continue to assess the options for the service.

  2. Maxine Younes says:

    Is there anyway to search for authors or titles? I will a title one day and not the next .

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Maxine, you can search for authors and titles in the search bar up at the top. Is that the information you were looking for?

      • Maxine says:

        I was speaking about the Hoopla format on my tablet. The options are popular, new and A-Z (by title). I would like an author option. I also will see one title and then not find it again under. It is like “download or never see it again”.

  3. Lindsey Batenhorst says:

    Will the library be acquiring more music? I used hoopla frequently for music the library did not have. Have to say I’m pretty disappointed.

    • Heather Kearns says:

      Hi, Lindsey… While we’re no longer offering music through Hoopla, we will continue purchasing CDs to meet the needs and interests of the community as best we can. Acquisition of certain titles, though, will always depend on availability and cost. If there’s a specific album that we don’t have, you’re always welcome to submit a suggestion for purchase through your Bibliocommons account here:

  4. Mary Howe says:

    Good idea to figure out the best way to spend the library budget on this terrific service! I do love our library.

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