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Light Up Your Day with a SAD Lamp

Winter got you down? Our popular SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps are back to help you get your circadian rhythm in gear.

Find a cozy spot here at the library and use it, or take one home for a whole 14 days. Get on hold for one here. Questions? Kate’s got you covered:


  1. How many SAD Lamps does LPL have?
    We have 4 tabletop units for in-house use and 4 tablet-sized lamps for checkout.
  2. Where can SAD Lamps be found?
    In the Health Spot. If you can’t find one, that means they’re likely checked out/in use. Visit a desk for help getting on hold for one.
  3. How can I use a SAD Lamps just at the library?
    You’re welcome to use a lamp anywhere within the library for an unlimited amount of time — although about 30–60 minutes is recommended. You don’t need a library card to use them on site.
  4. What comes with the circulating SAD Lamps?
    You’ll get one tablet-sized lamp, wall charger, and an instruction booklet, all inside a hard plastic case. All items must be returned to the Accounts Desk to avoid a replacement fee.
  5. How long can I keep it and what are the terms?
    You can keep it for 14 days
    You can renew it once
    Holds are allowed
    Only one lamp per patron at a time
    Overdue fine of 15 cents/day (max $4.50)
    The cost of replacement is $44.99
    Check lamps out at self-check machines
    Return them to our Accounts Desk

Sad Lamp

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