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Flipster Magazines

Flipster is a digital magazine service that makes it easy for you to read your favorite magazines on your computer or mobile device.

Flipster replaces our previous Zinio for Libraries service (expired 12/31/2015).

To start reading one of the titles below, grab your library card &

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How easy is it to read magazines in Flipster?

  •  Read online using your computer or mobile device’s browser
  •  Download for offline use to an iPadAndroid Tablet, or Kindle Fire (3rd & 4th generation) app
  •  Back issues will be accessible
  •  Print functionality is supported

We’re excited for you to start enjoying Flipster!

  •  Check out more information with their Get Started instructions
  •  Read through the FAQ
  •  Click here if you prefer a video intro


  • Call us at 785-843-3833 and ask for assistance with Flipster
  • Wish there were a magazine available that you don’t see?  Click here to suggest a new title.