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The State Library offers access to downloadable e-audiobooks through One Click Digital.  This is a fairly new service, so the number of titles available is still growing and software updates are ongoing. If you are new to OneClick, create your account here.  If you already a OneClick user, access your account here.



Traditional audiobooks, stored on several CDS, are available in adult, teen, and children’s collections. To find these titles in our catalog, you can limit your search to Audiobk CD.




MP3 Audiobooks

MP3 audiobooks are available in our adult and teen collections. These look and sound like regular CDs, but the files are compressed – a title that traditionally fills 8 CDs will fit on one MP3. MP3s will play on any player marked as MP3 compatible, including CD and DVD players and computer  drives, as well as many newer car audio systems. MP3s can be transferred from the CD to a variety of portable media devices.