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A Long and Winding Walk Across the Sunflower State

August 13th at 7pm in the Library Auditorium.

For five years, Henry Fortunato, the 2013-14 Simons Fellow in Public Humanities at the University of Kansas, had planned for a trans-Kansas trek, all on foot. Last fall, he finally did it — a 450-mile, 39 day, expedition starting at his front door in Overland Park and ending when he crossed into the Mountain Time Zone in Greeley County. Come hear how he became a naturalized Kansan through his adventure.

This program is produced in conjunction with Lawrence Magazine as part of their About Lawrence feature.

Battle of the Banned… Books!

Welcome to our 4th annual Banned Book Trading Cards Competition!

Banned books week celebrates the freedom to read and the importance of open access to information by highlighting the attempted or actual banning of books in the US.

During banned books week, we’ll display all submissions at the Library. A panel of judges will select seven submissions for printing and distribution and we’ll hand out a different selection each day of the week.

For inspiration, here’s a list of frequently challenged books compiled by The American Libraries Association.

Requirements: Submit original artwork only. A brief artist’s statement
about the work must accompany each entry. Include the name of the banned
or challenged book, author that inspired the piece, and 1-2 paragraphs
about how the piece represents the book or author. Please include name, address,
phone number, and email address. Selected pieces will be scanned on a
flatbed scanner for printing. At the conclusion of Banned Books Week, all artwork
will be returned to the artists, with the option of donating their original art to the


Medium: paper
Size: 5” x 7” + 300dpi high resolution
Due by: August 23
Where to submit: Drop off entries or mail to -
Lawrence Public Library, attn: Kristin Soper
700 New Hampshire Street
Lawrence, KS 66044


Genre Book Talks

Want to test out a genre without reading several books? Sign up for our genre book talks! This summer we’ll explore one genre each month and choose several books from that genre. When you sign up for your spot in the book club (limited spots available), we’ll put one of these books on hold for you. Pick up the book, read it, then come to the discussion where we’ll talk about the genre as a whole. The purpose is to get to know a genre better by exploring a few of the key works and authors, and a fun way to get some book recommendations from other readers!

Important information:   

To participate, please call the library at (785) 843-3833.



  • Reading ListCall to reserve a book
  • August 9, 2:00pm – Genre Talk

More details:

What are genre discussions?
These are small group discussions led by LPL library staff around a genre (for instance, Romance or Mystery or Science Fiction) or a sub-genre (for example, Historical Romance, Cozy Mystery or Space Opera). The purpose is to get to know a genre better by exploring a few of the key works and authors, and a fun way to get some book recommendations from other readers!

What will we do during program?
We are inviting up to twelve participants to choose a book specially chosen to fit into the genre we are discussing that month. Participants will agree to read the book and come prepared to share it with the group.

What is Romance?

Romance fiction appeals to the emotions of its readers, who are drawn into the love story for its inevitable happy ending. Storylines feature misunderstandings between hero and heroine, or involve outside circumstances that force them apart. In the end, all difficulties are overcome and the lovers are united. Most male and female characters are portrayed as strong and independent, and the ultimate fulfillment of their relationship is the focus. Settings may be historical, contemporary, or futuristic, and a relatively recent trend is to add elements of the paranormal, where supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and protagonists who possess superhuman powers are the heroes and heroines. In all romance fiction, relationships may be portrayed gently, sensually, or even erotically. (Adapted from

What is the Discussion Guide?
We’ve put together a few questions to guide you as you read through the book. When you come to the book discussion, the guide can give you something to refer back to when sharing the book with the group. (Don’t worry, it’s not required homework, just something we found helpful and thought you might too.)

Summer Reading!

What is Summer Reading?

We’ve planned one of the best summers yet, all based on our awesome superhero theme: “Every Hero has a Story!” We’ll have events for all ages (and all over town) throughout the summer. Plus, anyone and everyone is invited to complete Summer Reading – all you have to do is read 12 books or for a total of 30 hours if you’re a child or teen, or read 5 books or for a total of 30 hours if you’re an adult. Fill out a reading log with all of the books you’ve read over the summer, and when you turn it in, you’ll get sweet prizes…just for reading!

You can pick up a booklet with all of the information you need (bonus: reading recommendations are included!) at any desk in the library and check out the full details here. Happy reading!