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Multimedia Like, Try, Why: Part 2

Last month, Fisher from Readers’ Services brought us a special “Like, Try, Why” featuring not only books but movies and CDs from our catalog. This month, he shares another round of picks!

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A Multimedia Like, Try, Why!

In previous “If you like…” posts, we’ve stuck primarily with books and authors (with some movies sprinkled in). This time, however, Fisher from Readers’ Services takes the series even further, bringing us some great suggestions across multiple types of media.

If you’ve ever wondered what audio or visual materials might go well with your current reading obsession, this post is for you!

Check out some of his suggestions for relevant materials all over our collection. Got a question about your own latest read? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more multimedia Like-Try-Why’s in the future! Read More..

Like, Try, Why: Historical Mysteries with a Female Sleuth

If you enjoy well-written mysteries, set in a historical context, with women investigators then you may find a new favorite. These recommendations are for discerning readers who prefer to avoid explicit violence and brutal details. Each book highlighted here is the first title in the series. Find more information with this list in the catalog! Read More..

Like, Try, Why: Dystopian Stories

Tired of cold, rainy days? Be sure to count your blessings; at least you’re not a semi-slave to a ruthless general, fighting your high school friends for survival, or on the the run from a society that brands you a murderer because of the color of your skin. Those dark tales and more come from the following list of dystopias.  Read one and the new spring flowers will smell all the sweeter.

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Like, Try, Why: Neil Gaiman

These books offer up a dazzling (sometimes dizzying) display of wit and vivid imagination, through elegant, poignant storytelling. Mixing up a potion with equal portions of strange magic and suspenseful mystery, these authors combine the best of elements of horror, mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, and humor to masterfully weave highly inventive and darkly delightful narratives that you won’t soon forget.

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Like, Try, Why: Sue Monk Kidd

If you’re looking for lyrical, female-focused literary fiction, Sue Monk Kidd is a great go-to choice. Her most famous novel, The Secret Life of Bees, was later adapted into a film starring Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Dakota Fanning. I fell in love with this book in high school and have read it several times since. Her 2014 release, The Invention of Wings quickly became a favorite of mine for the year, and I wanted to put together a few suggestions for other fans of Sue Monk Kidd. Take a look below! Read More..

Like, Try, Why: Fantasy

Last week, we shared some suggested pairings for fans of urban fantasy, where the magical or supernatural elements exist in a world similar to that of our own. This week, we’ve got suggestions for epic fantasy!  Read More..

Like, Try, Why: Magical or Supernatural Stories

While fantasy is often thought of as high or epic, like wizards and orcs and elves and hobbits having an “epic” battle,  there’s a lot more variety within various subgenres. The largest fantasy sub-genre is urban fantasy, which has its own section in the fiction loop at Lawrence Public Library.

Urban fantasy is just that, a blend of the magic and the mundane, where the reader encounters the supernatural in a real-world (usually) urban setting. The line between fantasy and urban fantasy is not always black and white, and some readers will enjoy books from both.

While all fantasy titles have some element of magic or the supernatural, they can fall all over the map otherwise, with some highly literary titles and others that are just fast-paced fun. Some have heavy romance subplots, some are all action and adventure. It’s an eclectic genre worth dipping your toes into if you’ve never tried it! Whether a dedicated fan or an urban fantasy newbie, one of these titles might interest you.

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Like, Try, Why: Books for Fans of BBC TV Shows

If you love watching BBC television shows, our latest like, try, why is for you! Whether your a fan of historical shows, sci-fi, or mysteries, there’s a book on here for you to check out. There’s a mix of memoirs, nonfiction, graphic novels, young adult fiction, and novels — something for everyone!  Read More..

Like, Try, Why: Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre with many classic titles that have endured the test of time. But as new technologies emerge and culture changes, the genre continues to evolve. Here are some newer releases that are natural follow ups to classics, whether you are a die-hard fan or a new sci-fi reader.  Read More..