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If it’s worth reading…it’s worth reading again (and again, and maybe even again)

I have personally read Pride and Prejudice, oh, I’d say eight times now. I will certainly read it again.  It is my go-to re-read. I own an Everyman’s Library edition. Red cloth cover, rather frayed now. Tissue thin pages with obscure folio marks at the bottom.

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Confessions of a Library Security Guard

LPL security guard Christoph was kind enough to document some of the stranger things going on around the library. Here’s one of his activity logs for your viewing pleasure:

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Reading Equality


On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court made a historic ruling in favor of marriage equality. Read More..

Considering Zachary Lazar’s Sway

A charismatic but aimless guitarist slowly falls under Charles Manson’s spell; a young British blues musician forms a band that becomes popular beyond all imagination, causing him to lose grip on reality as he becomes increasingly strung out; an occult-obsessed underground filmmaker with a talent for manipulation perseveres while the world around him descends into darkness. Read More..

Get To Know Yourself Inside Out: Media for Every Emotion

Are you going to see Pixar’s newest animated film Inside Out this weekend?  If you’re in the mood to read or watch something that will make you feel joy, sadness, fear, disgust, or anger, then this is the place for you.  Embrace your inner emotions and get ready to know yourself inside out.



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Walking with a Pilgrim

Several weeks ago when I took my two young kids to Clinton Lake to hit one of their favorite playgrounds, we inadvertently stumbled onto a riotous scene.  Read More..

Read, Reflect, Respect, Repeat

#Charlestonsyllabus is more than a list.
It is a community of people committed to critical thinking, truth telling and social transformation.”

– Chad Williams,
Assoc. Professor at Brandeis University.


At this week’s library event with author Jon Ronson, he spoke sincerely about the frustrating experience of trying to create meaningful discourse via social media, especially in spaces like Twitter. A platform that initially gave voice to the voiceless has become a tidal wave of shaming and derision that tries to dress itself up as social justice. Read More..

Back to the Future: Town Talk 2045

If my calculations are correct, when you’re sitting on the Lawrence Library Lawn at 7:30 on Thursday night… you’re gonna see some serious cinema. Time travel classic Back to the Future, to be specific.

Lawrence Public Library and Downtown Lawrence Inc. are putting on the show, as well as providing free popcorn. Read More..

Scott Pilgrim: Once, Twice, Three Times Awesome (part 2)

Last month, Adam brought us a post on High Fidelity and its merits across multiple forms (book, movie, soundtrack). This time he’s back to talk about another triple hit.

It’s pretty much impossible to describe the Scott Pilgrim universe without using the word awesome in every other sentence. And, like Scott, I’m not great at restraining my enthusiasm when I find something truly awes–ahem…exciting, to talk about. For the sake of maintaining some semblance of literary integrity in this post, I’ll try to restrain myself, and not freak out…too much. Read More..

Blake’s Take on Centron Films

As anyone who watched Mad Men can attest, the commercials and advertising of past eras are fascinating reflections of our culture. Recently, while watching a few of the educational films created by Centron, I couldn’t help but make a similar connection. These films, regardless of their specific purpose — whether to warn against the perils of gossip or the inherent safety ricks of trick-or-treating — have a lot to say about the morals and etiquette of their era. In fact, they are so steeped in their time that it becomes easy to overlook the talented individuals who created and conceived them. Read More..