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In the Spotlight

Total Boox: A Sampler’s Delight

After a recent flight reminded me of how terrible it is to travel with my circa-2011 laptop, I took the plunge and bought myself a basic tablet. As tablets go, it’s not particularly powerful, but 1) it doesn’t weigh upwards of 10 pounds and 2) the battery doesn’t fall out when I move it, so it’s a clear upgrade.

The biggest benefit of my newly acquired tablet? Much easier access to e-books.

I’ve particularly enjoyed exploring Total Boox, a service LPL offers that I hadn’t heard about before I started working here. Total Boox lets you check out as many e-books as you want and keep them for as long as you want – period. You can even check out whole shelves devoted to specific authors, topics, or genres. Just download to your device, and bam! They’re yours to read at whatever pace works for you. Read More..

Local Food Feeds The World

As we slide into the holiday season, beginning with our most thankful time of year, we naturally begin to think about food. Sitting down to generous plates and celebrating all we’re grateful for, seems like a good time to give some thought to those who keep us fed. I’m not talking about Grandma’s cornbread dressing or Aunt Louise’s maple-bourbon-pecan pie. Rather, I’m thinking about the story that your meal would share if asked what it is and where it came from. Read More..

Fantastic Beasts at LPL

Just in case you haven’t been on the internet, seen a magazine/newspaper, or watched television in the last year, I’m here to inform you that there is in fact a new Harry Potter movie coming out. The screenplay is written by J.K. Rowling herself (unlike a certain play that must not be named), and it’s set the Muggle world aflame.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is based on the 128 page book of same title, a character from Rowling’s Harry Potter footnotes, and a chance to expand the Wizarding World across the pond. The book itself is a pseudo-encyclopedia of seventy-five fantastic beasts. It’s charming, enchanting and if you haven’t picked it up, it’s definitely worth the half hour or so of reading time. Read More..

The Book Squad Podcast: Ep 01, 02

The Book Squad Podcast

a collaboration with AudioReader.

Once a month, the librarians are in, with their favorite recommendations, a toe-to-toe discussion on a book or topic, as well as news from the book world and bookish-Lawrence. Listen to the latest episode: Read More..

2016: Lawrence’s Space Odyssey

It’s been a very space centric year here at LPL. We’ve read The Martian for Read Across Lawrence, listened to astronauts at Liberty Hall, and spoke with the International Space Station via radio! And we’re not done yet.  Read More..

Writing Where You Live: Diverse & Literary Lawrence, Kansas

(Painting of Lawrence by Brian Timmer)

Lawrence has a vibrant, diverse literary heritage. Read on to discover notable writers connected to Lawrence and learn about local author events. If you aspire to write and share your own writing, local opportunities are included as well.  Whether you’re a reader or writer, there’s useful information for everyone.   Read More..

Stitching Together Frankenstein

Happy haunting to all you Halloweeners out there, in honor of the two hundredth of the most famous year in the Horror genre: 1816.

It was certainly a horrible year for many people, for that was when the volcano Mount Tambora erupted, spewing tons of ash into the atmosphere, which resulted in the famous “Year Without A Summer,” also known as “1800 And Froze to Death.”  One day was so dark that candles had to be lit at noon. Many thought the end of the world was at hand. And at Lake Geneva, five people decided to hold a contest to see who could write the scariest story. Read More..

On Liking Trash: W. H. Auden’s Five Verdicts of “Adult” Reading

“Do you like that book? Is it good?”

As a Reader’s Services Assistant, I hear these questions a lot. Sometimes the answer is a clear “yes” or “no.” Other times, not so much. Read More..

Story of Your Life Makes the Alien Accessible

Has this ever happened to you? You’re at work, thinking about, say, Fermat’s theories, and an idea is sparked for an intriguing short story. But then you realize you really know nothing about the foundation of such a story, and it would take a long time to learn it. Read More..

Tiny Houses, Big Magic

For the last decade-and-a-half, my husband and I have been DIYing our quirky old East Lawrence home. Every year, right around now, our inner squirrels kick in: with skies and temperatures lowering, it’s time to batten down the hatches and start seriously cozifying the nest. Read More..