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Gift Cards for Gamers

Gamers can be hard to shop for. Tastes can vary enormously and you never know what someone has or hasn’t played. What you probably do know is which system the gamers on your list prefer to use. One sure bet gift for your gamer is credit to download the game of their choice. Read More..

7 Book-Themed Gifts for Bibliophiles

I don’t buy a lot of books these days (hey, I work at a library!), but I still love to browse bookstores to see what’s new in print.  I also like shopping in them because they have so many cool book-related gifts.  I took a trek downtown last week to see what holiday gifts were out there for bibliophiles.  Enjoy! Read More..

5 Edgy Titles for Your Hard-to-Impress Brothers

Disclaimer: the library encourages sobriety and healthy lifestyles, but let’s be honest – sometimes it’s fun to live in an alternate reality…which is why we love books! The following are selections filled with poor self control, questionable decision making, and a LOT of drugs, so make sure these edgy books land in the right hands. Read More..

7 Gifts for the Cinephile in Your life

Limiting this list to 7 things was very difficult. There’s so many amazing movies, collections of movies, and movie paraphernalia out there that it was hard to pick just 7, but here you go.  I hope you find it all budget encompassing as well! Read More..

10 Gift Books for the Lego Lover in Your Life

I guess it’s never been much of a surprise to the children in my life when they receive books from me as gifts, but over the years I’ve tried to come up with ways to avoid having my presents tossed in the “boring pile” alongside Great Aunt Flora’s annual knitted snood and the 1000 piece Norman Rockwell puzzle sent each year by that distant cousin no one has ever met. One strategy I hit upon a while back was to give books that work parallel to popular toys, and year in and year out, there is no type of toy hotter than LEGOs. So, when the LEGO lover in your life is ready for a break from engineering her latest monument, or looking for some bedtime reading related to his greatest obsession, having one of these ten LEGO-related titles handy may actually represent a larger gift: the lesson that reading a book is really just another way of playing.

Read More..


2013 Young Adult Novels for Everyone on Your List

Whether they devour YA books regularly or only check them out when a hot new title like The Hunger Games or The Fault in Our Stars hits bestseller lists (or movie theaters), there’s a young adult novel for every reader on your list. Remember, there’s no rule that someone has to be a Real Actual Teen to enjoy a young adult novel; these are all great picks for adults looking for well-written and entertaining stories as well as teen readers.  Read More..


5 Indie Folk Albums for Your Hip Friends

The weight on my shoulders regarding this list feels like a load of bricks squashing a beetle. I claim no fame to being a musical guru, but my ears like to hear, and these are the albums I would recommend to friends. Bask in my vulnerability!


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Audiobooks for Family Roadtrips

Are you heading out of town to visit family or friends this holiday season? Are you dreading a car trip where everyone is constantly asking “are we there yet?” Audiobooks can make the time in a vehicle fly by and keep everyone entertained. Of course, finding something that fits everyone’s interest can be a bit tricky. These audiobooks are family friendly but entertaining enough for adults to enjoy. Read More..


The Ultimate Thanksgiving Movie

Recently a friend and I were discussing holiday movies—not just Christmas movies, although they probably make up the largest category—but also movies attached in some way to any other holiday.  We figured in terms of sheer numbers Halloween may be a close second to Christmas , with New Year’s and Independence Day duking it out for 3rd place.  Then there are the classics tied to more obscure holidays, Groundhog Day king among these.  But we struggled to come up with a really good Thanksgiving-related movie until my friend remembered that the thwarted travelers portrayed by Steve Martin and John Candy in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles were headed for Thanksgiving destinations.  We also remembered Peanuts tackling Turkey Day (where would we all be without Linus to explain the true meaning of each holiday, after all?), but it wasn’t until later that evening, in a state somewhere between waking and sleeping, that I remembered the ultimate Thanksgiving movie, and one of my all-time favorites, Barry Levinson’s Avalon. Read More..


Reading the Classics: A Husband and Wife Book Club

Several years ago, actually it might be many years ago at this point, a friend gave me a copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Knowing me and my penchant for reading the classics, she said, “You just have to read this!” So I put it on a bookshelf with every intention of pulling it back down and reading it the next time I was “between” reads. It sat forgotten on my shelves for decades until my wife pulled it down. “I’ve always meant to read this,” she told me. Well, what do you know? So had I! So we decided to read it together, our own little Husband and Wife Book Club…or at least we decided to read it concurrently as opposed to the cheesy You-read-to-me-and-then-I’ll-read-to-you model of spousal book clubs. Read More..