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Beyond Books

Dreamworks games

Last post we talked about various Disney based games, but Disney isn’t the only movie company in the video game business. The Lawrence Public Library carries many games from different Dreamworks films, letting everyone in the family continue the fun through the more interactive video game medium. As usual, these games are ESRB Rated E for Everyone, and are suitable for anyone that can watch a PG rated film! Read More..


Online Storytime

In the dark ages of household phones with cords, the library used to have Dial a Story. Mom could dial the number and child would listen. Occasionally we get calls asking if we still have that, but no, it has been about twenty years. However, moving into the modern world of technology, in which 75% of us have internet access at home, and many more have it in their back pockets, Read More..


Disney Games!

Along with having many titles related directly to movies, Disney is known for releasing many games borrowing characters from across multiple movies.  If you’re looking for a way to take the magic from the movies to games, the following is a list of Disney-based video games.  As usual, they are all rated E for Everyone meaning they are suitable for all ages.  More info can be found on the ESRB rating system here. Read More..


Green Thumb Games

When you’re able to compile a list based on video games that feature the growing of plants as part of their gameplay, it’s a testament to the wide array of games available for check out in the library’s collection.  The following is a list of games for players with a green thumb, and in some cases an adventurous spirit.  As usual they are all rated E for Everyone, so even the youngest of farmers can kill time until our cold weather permits outdoor gardening.  More information on the ESRB rating system can be found here.

Read More..


Dancing the winter away

Now that we’ve survived the polar vortexes of winter, it’s time to celebrate with a dance party!  Some of the video games available in the library’s catalog incorporate motion capture technology that are leaps and bounds more interactive than the Dance Dance Revolution-esque four-way step pads of the past.  As usual, each game is ESRB rated E for Everyone, meaning even the youngest dancers can join the groove!  In fact, a few of the games are catered specifically to younger age groups with Disney and Nickelodeon characters.  More information on the ESRB is available here.  Remember, the games listed need the Xbox Kinect or Playstation Move to function properly.

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Visible Progress

Walk by 707 Vermont St. where the new old Library is under construction: you can see the children’s area shaping up. We will be on the east side, where new outer walls are going up. Inside you can see the framing for the children’s staff offices/storytime room area, and admire the extra space that is being added to the public area. The corners will have large glass windows, and slat windows along the exterior walls will bring in plenty of natural light. We are choosing new furniture and toys, and looking forward to lots of space for special displays on our 48-inch-high kid-friendly shelves!


Computer Games and Life

So you’re wondering if games are right for you or your child. Should you invest in the next generation of systems or, more importantly, the next generation of gamers? I endorse video games for what they are. But more importantly, I endorse video games for what they should be – what they teach, what they develop, what they become. I’d like to make a case for the playing of video games and in doing so reveal a bit about myself. Read More..


Adventure Time!

“Dude, what time is it?”

“Dude, its Adventure Time!”

If you just smiled when you read the above quotes, you must be familiar with the popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Now in its fifth season Adventure Time follows the capers of Jake the Dog and Finn Read More..


Baby Storytime at Home!

It’s getting cold out there! The chilly mornings make it hard to get out the door, so here’s a storytime to try at home. Alternate between a book and rhyme or two and you’re set!

If you would like to add more to the storytime, you can create some streamer pom poms to move and shake during the songs about autumn leaves and blowing wind. Take crepe paper Read More..


International Games Day @ Your Library

Join us, along with Hometown Games, for a morning filled with board, card, and dice games! Learn a new game, make some new friends, or come play an old favorite. This event is open to all ages, so bring your family and friends to try out some new games and have fun.


When: Saturday, November 16
Time: 9:00-11:30 am
Where: Library Events Space

This event is part of an international day of gaming in libraries put together by the American Library Association. We are also participating in a global game of gossip as well as an International Super Smash Bros. Tournament for teens.