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Baby’s First Poetry: Nursery Rhymes

Poetry can sometimes feel a little intimidating, so how can you celebrate National Poetry Month (April) with your little ones?  Start with the least intimidating poems of all: Mother Goose.  In addition to the joy these simple poems bring us, studies have shown that pre-schoolers who learn them become better readers Read More..


Who Says Reading is a Quiet Activity (Part II – everyday)

Today, we revel in the noise of everyday.  Your kids will love reading a-“loud” with you.

Trucks Go  by Steve Light

Your throat will be hoarse after you rumble, walump, screech, crunch, and honk your way through this book.  Read More..



In a perfect world, we would each have an unconditional friend, who would stick with us through thick and thin, argue but make up, laugh with us, cry with us. Children long for such affirmation, but the rumble tumble of social/school/home life makes them feel uncertain. Because of this natural longing, a major theme of almost all the fiction in the Children’s area of the library is friendship. Read More..


Get Moving (Part II – Picture Books)


Last time we talked about board books to take advantage of your toddler’s energy.  For those with children who are slightly older, but still energetic, try these picture books to get them (and you) moving. Read More..


Singing Stories, Reading Songs

Did you know the Library has collection of picture books based on well-known children’s songs?  These books allow you to explore the worlds of reading and singing at the same time and are especially good for reluctant readers because of the familiarity.  You’ll find these books shelved in non-fiction: j 782.42 and j 782.4216.  Here are some of my favorites: Read More..


Get Moving (Part I – Board Books)

Toddlers sometimes can’t sit still to read a book.  So choose a book that takes advantage of that energy instead of working against it.  These books will get you and your little one moving together. Read More..


Wombat Love

A variety of animals have had their fifteen minutes of fame over the last few years.  Owls, foxes, deer, and sloths have all basked in the glow of popular adulation.  And cats!  Cats never seem to go out of style.  But I’d like to bring some attention to an overlooked animal, the cutest, sweetest, funniest, cuddliest, bestest animal in the world: the wombat. Read More..


8 Classic Kid’s Books Every Kid (or kid at heart!) Should Read

Thinking about what to get the kids on your gift list? What about the magical world of an adventuresome book, full of twists and turns, character building, imaginative tales, new vocabulary, and pages of fun? These titles are great for those in their second half of elementary school, or really for anyone who’s a kid at heart! Read More..


In Honor of Nelson Mandela

A great man died.  Perhaps your child has noticed the entire world is memorializing him, and is wondering who Nelson Mandela is and why he’s such a big deal.  The library has some books and movies to help you explain.

Younger kids might like: Read More..


Who Says Reading is a Quiet Activity? (Part I – animals)

Sick of soft, slow, bedtime books?  Can’t take any more peace and quiet?  Want to help your toddler or preschooler reach new heights of noise?  Try these fantastic books filled with animal sounds.   Read More..