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Something Different

An artist looking for peace and quiet finds just the opposite in a rural community overrun by leprechaun hunters.  A modern-day boy becomes an exterminator extraordinaire in prehistoric Sweden.  And a lonely worker finds his heart’s desire in the dizzying heights of a state-run factory.  This is just a sampling of the well-crafted and refreshingly low-key stories of magic Read More..



In a perfect world, we would each have an unconditional friend, who would stick with us through thick and thin, argue but make up, laugh with us, cry with us. Children long for such affirmation, but the rumble tumble of social/school/home life makes them feel uncertain. Because of this natural longing, a major theme of almost all the fiction in the Children’s area of the library is friendship. Read More..


So You Want to be a Wildlife Photographer?

The best wildlife photographers in the world aren’t always adults.  Get inspired by award-winning child photographers in Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 20.  If you like animals or photography, check out the stunning images taken by kids in three categories: 15-17 years old, 11-14 years old, and under 10 years old (as well as adults).  It will make you wonder Read More..


Discovering a Favorite Author

Who is your favorite author or do you have several on that list?  You know, the ones you just can’t wait for their next book to be published.  Quickly becoming one of my favorite authors is Helen Frost.  I simply love her books, especially since most are written in my favorite style – novels in verse (I actually wrote about this in one of my previous posts).  The first title I read was Diamond Willow, Read More..


Get Moving (Part II – Picture Books)


Last time we talked about board books to take advantage of your toddler’s energy.  For those with children who are slightly older, but still energetic, try these picture books to get them (and you) moving. Read More..


Green Thumb Games

When you’re able to compile a list based on video games that feature the growing of plants as part of their gameplay, it’s a testament to the wide array of games available for check out in the library’s collection.  The following is a list of games for players with a green thumb, and in some cases an adventurous spirit.  As usual they are all rated E for Everyone, so even the youngest of farmers can kill time until our cold weather permits outdoor gardening.  More information on the ESRB rating system can be found here.

Read More..


February – Black History Month

What do you think of in February? Valentine’s Day? Presidents’ Day? Those are great and honorable occasions, but for me February signals Black History Month.

A new addition to our large collection of books about black history is The Girl from the Tar Paper School by Teri Kanefield, the true story of Barbara Rose Johns Read More..



Sam has been having strange dreams and memories lately – an icy river, jagged rocks, a distant castle shrouded in mist, and the number eleven.  What does it all mean?  For as long as he can remember, he has had a fear of the number eleven.  But tomorrow is Sam’s eleventh birthday, and nothing is going to stop him from sneaking into the attic for a preview of his gifts.  Read More..


Great New Kids’ CDs

Three new CDs!

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of the Beach Boys

What would happen if you took well-known songs and played them on the mellowest instruments in the universe? You’d get the Rockabye Baby! Series. In this installment of the popular baby mood stabilizer, bells, Read More..


Singing Stories, Reading Songs

Did you know the Library has collection of picture books based on well-known children’s songs?  These books allow you to explore the worlds of reading and singing at the same time and are especially good for reluctant readers because of the familiarity.  You’ll find these books shelved in non-fiction: j 782.42 and j 782.4216.  Here are some of my favorites: Read More..