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The library wants to increase community partnerships with events, classes and workshops that fit within our mission. Please tell us about your event idea.  We’ll be in touch to let you know whether we’re able to pursue your suggestion! Printable form available here.

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Description: The description should tell the audience what they’ll see, hear, learn and do at the event and why they’ll want to attend. Describe your event in one or two sentences. (Example: “Proposal Writing Basics - Learn the key components of writing a grant proposal. We’ll cover how the proposal fits into the grant seeking process, what to include in the proposal, tips for making each section of your proposal stronger and more!”) *

Biography: Please submit a brief bio of the program presenter. Include accomplishments, education, employment, licenses, etc. that you feel qualify the presenter for the program. The library staff may use this bio to introduce the presentation. *

Lawrence Public Library provides programs that connect the community with books, the arts, entertainment, current events, local history, scholarship, and hands-on skills. Why do you think your program will appeal to library patrons and how will it fit these program goals? *

Information for the library’s print calendar is due 10 weeks before the event date. Can you meet this deadline? *

The library’s budget is set the previous year, including event funds. For most co-sponsored events at the library, the location and marketing is provided by the library and the presentation is donated or provided by a community partner. Does your program suggestion require a monetary request for your presentation? *

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