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FAQs - Book Club in a Bag

Can I return a book club bag at one of the offsite book drops?

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but the book club bags must be returned to the library at the Reference Desk.

What if a book is lost? What if a bag is lost?

If a book is lost, you have two choices: replace it with a new or gently used copy of the book or the library can bill you for a new replacement copy. If the entire bag is lost, you will be billed for the cost of ten books and a tote bag, which is $100.00.

What if a bag is returned late?

The overdue fee for a book club bag is $0.15 per day. After 30 days late, the bag will be considered lost and you will be billed a replacement charge of $100 - the cost of replacing an entire bag and 10 copies of the book.

One of my group members forgot to return their book, who is responsible?

The person who borrows the bag is responsible for the return of the bag and its contents. We include a sign-out sheet in each bag to help keep track of the books.

Can the book club bags be renewed?

No, the bags cannot be renewed. They do circulate for 8 weeks -this amount of time should allow you to check out a bag, hand out books to the group at its next meeting, allow the members to keep and read the books until the following meeting and then collect the books from the members and return the bag to the library.

Are the book club bags listed in the library catalog? Can I place holds on them?

Yes, the bags are listed in the catalog, but you cannot place a hold on them that way. Reservations can be made up to a year in advance by sending an email to or you can click here to submit a request using our online form.

Can I check out more that one bag at a time?

You may have 2 bags checked out simultaneously.