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The library will be closed July 9 to July 25 as we move to our new building. Visit us at 707 Vermont St. starting Saturday, July 26!

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Lawrence Public Library LogoAbout the Friends

The Friends of the Lawrence Public Library is a non-profit organization that believes a strong library is vital to our community.  Through memberships dues and legendary book sales, they raise funds to support library collections, programs, and services.

If you’re interested in purchasing books but can’t wait for our next sale, a small sample of our collection is available on our Amazon site. Membership is an inexpensive way to support your library, you can get started by filling out this form.

Due to a contaminated donation last September, the Friends are not currently taking donations at this time. Information on when donations will be accepted in the future will be announced via this site.


We’re Hiring!


The Friends of the Lawrence Public Library has an opening for a part-time program manager. This position is funded entirely by the Friends of the Lawrence Public Library, the non-profit organization responsible for book sales; proceeds of these fund raising sales benefit the public library. While the successful applicant will work closely with library personnel, the FLPL program manager is not a Lawrence Public Library staff member.

The FLPL program manager is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the Friends of the Lawrence Public Library.

Applications need to include a resume detailing pertinent qualifications/training/experience, and a cover letter expressing why the applicant is interested in the position and any other relevant details. Applications complete with a resume and cover letter can be submitted by mail or electronically:

               Friends of the Lawrence Public Library
               Re: Program Manager Application
               care of Lawrence Public Library
               700 New Hampshire St.
               Lawrence, KS 66044



Applications must be received by 6:00 p.m. on Monday, April 14 to be considered.

Information regarding salary, work hours, and duties is provided in the position description below. If after reviewing this you still have questions, please email your inquiries A response will be issued as soon as possible.



The FLPL program manager is directly responsible to the FLPL board of directors.   The board shall establish general goals and guidelines; however, the program manager shall be responsible for establishing practices and procedures for the achievement of those goals.

The FLPL program manager shall work in cooperation with the Lawrence Public Library staff.

Primary responsibilities:  Oversee and coordinate all physical operations including volunteer activities.

1. Continuously monitor and supervise the processing of all donated materials, including initial evaluation for retention and sorting.

2. Supervise online book sales, including monitoring sales, managing inventory, and processing.

3. Oversee physical book sales, including overall authority for all aspects of sale activities.

4. Manage all physical operations, including intake, sorting, pricing, storage, and transportation. This responsibility includes maintaining FLPL physical space in an orderly manner and supervising and training all volunteers.

5. Develop, maintain, and revise all organization handling procedures, including training volunteers in the current procedures as well as ensuring volunteer compliance with established standards.

6. Procure and maintain all equipment and supplies needed for program operations. An operations budget will be provided for this purpose.

7. Supervise all program operations, including all volunteer activities.

8. Schedule volunteer work activities as needed to accomplish program goals. This responsibility includes directly supervising some program activities that will not be done without staff supervision.

9. Be responsible for the disposal of all unwanted and/or unneeded donations.  This responsibility will include maintaining an active recycling program with the appropriate agencies as well as utilizing other disposal methods.

10. Develop and maintain detailed records of all program activities and share these records with the board at its monthly meetings.

11. Evaluate large donations for acceptance and handle these materials in the appropriate manner.

12. Maintain a current inventory of books available for sale and ensure these materials are stored in an orderly manner.

13. Establish pricing guidelines for Internet sales and physical book sales and ensure that volunteers adhere to those guidelines.

14. Develop and maintain volunteer position descriptions for each volunteer activity related to operations.

15. Attend all FLPL board meetings and all other FLPL functions requiring program manager participation.

16. This position description is subject to change by the FLPL board at any time based on the needs of the organization.

Administrative Assistant: The FLPL Board will provide the program manager with an administrative assistant.  The administrative assistant will maintain the membership database, write and mail semiannual newsletters, assist in volunteer management, take the minutes at board meetings and other FLPL functions, coordinate publicity for events, and act on the program manager’s behalf when he or she isn’t present.  Together they will develop training programs, conduct volunteer evaluations, and schedule volunteers.  This authority includes the ability to reassign a volunteer to another task or to discontinue using the services of a volunteer if that is necessary for the overall good of the organization.


1. Strong managerial skills with an emphasis on logistical aptitude.

2. Experience with supervising volunteers and developing volunteer performance criteria.

3. A working knowledge of, or experience with, online sales.

4. Ability to perform basic computer skills, including Word, Excel, and email.

5. Good interpersonal skills and an ability to maintain flexibility for changing conditions.

6. Retail management and sales or marketing experience highly desired.

7. A minimum of a high school diploma; college degree preferred.

8. Library experience and or bookstore experience preferred.

9. The ability to maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating cooperatively with patrons, volunteers, board members, and library staff.

Desired attributes:

1. Highly supportive of the Lawrence Public Library and its mission.

2. Strong leadership skills, especially as related to volunteers and their needs.

3. The ability to work independently and to make and implement decisions.

4. The ability to create, nurture, and participate in a cooperative team environment.

Physical requirements: 

1. The ability to lift and maneuver 30 to 50 pound boxes repeatedly on a regular basis.

2. The ability to exert 50-100 pounds of force when pushing and pulling materials.

3. The ability to operate a palate jack, book carts, hand trucks, and dollies.

4. The ability to work in areas that may contain book dust, mold, mildew, and insects.

5. The ability to climb ladders and stairs.

Work schedule: The position requires a certain degree of flexibility as to work schedule.

1. The position will average from 25 hour per week to a maximum 29 hours per week with more hours required around physical book sales.

2. Because of heavy volunteer participation and heavy donations the position requires work on Saturdays.

3. Although there will be some flexibility in work hours outside of sale periods, the program manager will be expected to maintain a regular and posted work schedule.   A regular schedule is particularly necessary because some volunteer activities will be undertaken only when the manager is available for oversight.

4. The starting salary will range from 13 to 15 dollars per hour based on qualifications.