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Get Cozy in the Green Cubby

One of the joys of the new children’s room is the colored cubbies to curl up in.  Grab a book, pick your favorite color, and settle down to read in style.  Here are some perfect books for the green cubby.

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith, Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green by Keith Baker, Read More..


We have been closed for two and a half weeks, packing and toting and organizing and reorganizing, and then meetings and training, and finally we will be open, on Saturday! In the Youth Services we have acres of beautiful space, vertical acres of windows, new fish tanks, big new office with lots of storage, a dedicated event room, and more. Saturday will be a full day of special events, crafts, music, etc. for the grand opening if you like crowds, finishing off with a movie and food outdoors in the evening. However, I am looking forward to the following days, when things settle down and our old friends and new visitors come in to wander and enjoy the views, toys, books, computers, colored cubbies, and the big cool space.


It Came From the New Shelf! New Non-Fiction

Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons

If you are bored, as the saying goes, look closer. With beautiful close-up photographs of some of nature’s most astounding creations, Curious Critters and Curious Critters Volume 2 will have you doing a double take at that Blue Jay sitting in the driveway. Read More..


Chomp Scat Flush Hoot

Parental units may know that Carl Hiaason writes mysteries for adults, but less known are his good novels for kids about 9 and up. They are intelligent mystery adventures with that Hiaason casual/cutting humor, set in the Florida, all with an environmental/ecological/animal-respecting theme that is not preaching, just the way things are. Read More..


Poetry Outside the Box

Move over, budding poets, a new poet is in the house! Karma Wilson, best known for her outstanding picture books (Bear Feels Sick, etc.) has written a delightful poetry book entitled Outside the Box.  Not only is Outside the Box a very entertaining read, the illustrator is Caldecott Honor winner Diane Goode.   Read More..


It Came From the New Shelf!

Three of the best from our New Picture Book collection:

Where Do We Go When We Disappear? by Isabel Minhos Martins and Madalena Matoso

Where we go when we disappear? Humans have been pondering this riddle since we developed the capacity Read More..


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