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Book Drop Locations

You can return all materials at all book drops, all around town!  Books, movies, cds, and games are accepted at all book drops:

At the library

  • Inside the library (drops are just beyond the Checkout Desk)
  • Outside the library (book drop is on the west side of the library, on the circle drive off Kentucky St. Enter the north end of the circle drive, pull around to the metal box embedded in the wall of the building. To exit, continue along the circle drive to reenter traffic on Kentucky St.)

Checkers, 23rd and Louisiana St.

  • Located on the northeast side of the parking lot, this solar powered return box was created by KU Mechanical Engineering students and faculty
  • There are two separate bins for books and audiovisual material

Lawrence HyVee Stores 

  • 23rd and Kasold Drive (one drop has one slot for all materials)
  • 6th and Monterey Way (in front of the store, one drop has two slots for books and audiovisual materials)

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