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Welcome to the Studio!

Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for information regarding upcoming training sessions, volunteer opportunities, changes to policies, equipment, or availability, and other news regarding the studio.


The studio is free to use and staff will be available to answer questions and help get you rolling for the first half hour of your session. After the initial half hour you’ll be on your own to run the session. If you’re comfortable operating the console and software you should be all set. If not, we highly recommend working with an engineer to ensure your session runs smoothly. If you need help finding an engineer please refer to the Engineers Page or contact studio manager, Ed Rose, for assistance.

For a tour of the studio please watch the following video.

All data (session files, audio files, etc.) is deleted from the computer following your session. Make sure to bring a storage device (hard drive, flash drive, etc.) to save your data.

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled start time. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before scheduled start time will result in cancellation of any subsequent sessions that month. No-shows will have all subsequent sessions cancelled and will not be allowed to book sessions the following month.

If you’ll be late to your session let us know. If you’re not here within 30 minutes of your scheduled start time and haven’t let us know your session will be considered a No-show and will be re-booked.

Users are responsible for putting away all mics, cables, instruments, amps, etc. at the end of the session.

Food and drink are not allowed in the studio.

Users must be finished with their use of the studio – including file transfers and studio clean up – by the time their session ends.

For more information about the studio equipment please check out our manuals page.

Reservations are made using our online booking form below.

Users must have a valid Lawrence Public Library card to book sessions.

Users must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult with a valid Lawrence Public Library Card.


Questions? Comments? Contact Studio Manager, Ed Rose, at