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George Frazier & The Last Wild Places in Kansas

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Thursday, September 14th 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Library Auditorium Adult, Teen, Senior
George Frazier & The Last Wild Places in Kansas

George Frazier will talk about his latest book, The Last Wild Places in Kansas.

Since the last wild bison found refuge on the back of a nickel, the public image of natural Kansas has progressed from Great American Desert to dust bowl to flyover country that has been landscaped, fenced, and farmed. After three years roaming and documenting the last bastions of prairie, forests, and wetlands, George Frazier explores nature’s secret holdouts in the Sunflower State (from University Press of Kansas). The Raven Book Store will sell copies of Frazier’s book, and there will be a signing following his talk.

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