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How To Adult: On My Own

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Tuesday, November 28th 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Library Meeting Room B Teens and New Adults
How To Adult: On My Own

11/28/2017  Part 3 of 4

Teens and New Adults are invited to learn all the things you need to know as you start taking on new adult responsibilities. With help from Housing and Credit Counseling Inc. and Kansas Legal Aid, over four programs you’ll learn to pay your taxes, manage money, rent an apartment, and buy a car. Door prizes at each event and everyone who attends all 4 sessions will receive a prize! Call 785-843-3833 to register.

11/28 | On My Own: Finding and Renting Your First Apartment.

Need an apartment, but don’t know the first thing about renting?  Thinking about having a roommate?  Signing a rental lease can be scary and confusing.  What exactly are you responsible for?  Find out details you should know before moving into your first apartment.  You’ll be glad you did.

Final session:

12/12 | Try It, Drive It: Buying your first Car

Time for new wheels?  Learn:
  • how to accurately calculate the amount you can comfortably spend on a vehicle;
  • why planning ahead for periodic vehicle-related expenses is important; and
  •  how to determine if your next vehicle should be new, used, or leased.
  • Contact: Miriam Wallen
  • Contact Information: