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Thursday, November 8th 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Library Gallery Adults, Seniors

Skillbuilders is a series of program providing a toolkit of information on a variety of topics of interest to those experiencing significant life changes. It also is a source of social support. There is no charge to attend. Registration is not required.

Managing Your Money, led by Barbara Braa, Trust Office at CornerBank. Financial issues can be a source of confusion and anxiety. Find answers to basic financial questions, lessen confusion on financial and banking terms and what financial issues you should know more about and how they may affect you. If changes are needed due to a change in your life, what do you need to do and who do you need to ask? This is a safe and comfortable place to find the answers.

  • Contact: Pattie Johnston
  • Contact Information: 785-843-3833 ext 115