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Thursday, November 15th 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Library Gallery Adults, Seniors

Skillbuilders is a series of program providing a toolkit of informationon a variety of topics of interest to those experiencing significant life changes. It also is a source of social support. There is no charge to attend. Registration is not required.

Handling the Holidays, led by Paul Reed, chaplain with Visting Nurses Association. When life changes, holidays can be a challenge. What do I do when the holidays have become a source of anxiety or discomfort? How do I get through the holidays when I am alone or life has changed so much? Paul will help you understand your feelings about loss and the holidays. He will give examples of how others have faced the holidays when times have been stressful and will give suggestions on how to understand yourself at this time.

  • Contact: Pattie Johnston
  • Contact Information: 785-843-3833 ext 115