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Transgender 101 with Scott Turner Schofield

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Monday, February 5th 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Library Auditorium Adult, Teen
Transgender 101 with Scott Turner Schofield

Scott Turner Schofield is a man who was a woman, a lesbian turned (mostly) straight guy, who most people think is a gay man. Through an interactive lecture and personal Q&A, he will introduce definitions of gender and the sticky parts of our labels. Heritage, class, physical ability, sexuality, and more will be discussed as complementary and complicating factors to aid participants in deciding how to be good allies and build community. As an acclaimed diversity educator on transgender issues and the first, openly transgender actor to play a major role on daytime television (The Bold and the Beautiful), Schofield takes gender labels and shreds them with a wink and a smile. With his compassion and entertaining storytelling style, he helps facilitate understanding and advocacy on topics relating to gender, biological sex and sexuality. This event is co-sponsored by Lawrence Public Library and the Lied Center of Kansas – Performing Arts Center.

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