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Sweet Swag & Cool Prizes

No matter which way you choose to complete summer reading, the end result is the same – swag! Every teen and child  who finishes gets a colorful Summer in the City tote filled with free stuff. Adults will receive a packet of fun stuff, as well! Depending on your age, here’s what you’ll find in your prize pack:

Kids  bike head

  • A book of your choice
  • Coupons for  pizza,  ice cream,  sundae,  swimming, kid’s meal, and  book
  • Certificate of completion

Teens (plus a chance to win grand prizes!)

  • A limited edition, teen-designed Summer in the City t-shirt
  • Coupons for pizza, ice cream, sundae, book, swimming, and paintball
  • A book of your choice

Adults (plus a chance to win grand prizes!)

  • Coupons for movies, ice cream, pizza, and books (including $5 to The Raven, The Dusty Bookshelf, or Signs of Life!)


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