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About Turtle in Paradise

Turtle in ParadiseThe year is 1935 and jobs, money, and sometimes even dreams are scarce. So when Turtle’s mother gets a job as a housekeeper and her new boss doesn’t like kids hanging around, Turtle hits the road without so much as a tear and heads to Key West to live with her relatives who are practically strangers. Florida is like nothing Turtle has ever seen before. It’s full of ragtag boy cousins, wild greenery peeping out from alleys and in between houses, unfamiliar words and foods, family secrets to unravel . . . and even a little bit of fun. Before she knows it, Turtle finds herself coming out of the shell that she’s spent her life building, and as she does, her world opens up in the most unexpected ways.

This unique look into the era of the Great Depression offers both a richly detailed account of history and a timeless story filled with all the grit and charm that readers have come to expect from author Jennifer Holm. Young readers will relish Turtle’s story as she joins her cousin’s Diaper Gang and learns what it is to truly be a Conch.