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Teens Read Across Lawrence 2017

2017 Big Read TeensRead Across Lawrence for Teens is a fun and unique way to get teens all over town reading the same book at the same time as well as participate in various activities offered through the library.

Join us in February and read Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez. The publisher recommends this for students age 13 and up.

SAVE THE DATE: 2017 Read Across Lawrence
Teen Kick-off Party and Book Giveaway

SAT | Feb 4 | 4–5 PM | Auditorium| Ages 11-18

Big thanks to our partners and sponsors:
University of Kansas Libraries, Friends of the Lawrence public Library, and Spencer Museum of Art.

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About Return to Sender

(From the LPL Catalog): An award-winning, moving, and timely story about the families of undocumented workers by renowned author Julia Alvarez. After Tyler’s father is injured in a tractor accident, his family is forced to hire migrant Mexican workers to help save their Vermont farm from foreclosure. Tyler isn’t sure what to make of these workers. Are they undocumented?

And what about the three daughters, particularly Mari, the oldest, who is proud of her Mexican heritage but also increasingly connected to her American life. Her family lives in constant fear of being discovered by the authorities and sent back to the poverty they left behind in Mexico. Can Tyler and Mari find a way to be friends despite their differences? In a novel full of hope, but with no easy answers, Julia Alvarez weaves a beautiful and timely story that will stay with readers long after they finish it.

“A must-read.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Communicates in compassionate and expressive prose the more difficult points of perhaps the most pressing social issue of our day.” — San Antonio Express-News

“This timely novel, torn right from the newspaper headlines, conveys a positive message of cooperation and understanding.” — School Library Journal

“The plot is purposive, with messages about the historical connections between migrant workers today and the Indians’ displacement, the Underground Railroad, and earlier immigrants seeking refuge…The questions raised about the meaning of patriotism will spark debate.” — Booklist

About Author Julia Alvarez

“I was born in New York City during my parents’ first and failed stay in the United States. When I was three months old, my parents, both native Dominicans, decided to return to their homeland, preferring the dictatorship of Trujillo to the U.S.A. of the early 50s. Once again, my father got involved in the underground and soon my family was in deep trouble. We left hurriedly in 1960, four months before the founders of that underground, the Mirabal sisters, were brutally murdered by the dictatorship.”

The story continues here…

How do I get a copy of the book?

There’s no special sign-up to participate in Read Across Lawrence. Just grab a copy, start reading, and show up at activities — it’s that easy!  Here are a few ways to get a copy of Return to Sender:

  • Come to the 2017 Read Across Lawrence for Teens Kick-Off event on Saturday, Feb 4 from 4–5 PM in the Auditorium.
  • Come to the library and get a copy from the Welcome Desk after Feb 4 while supplies last.
  • Check-out or reserve a copy from Lawrence Public Library.
  • Team up with somebody else who has a copy and share.  Enjoy talking about it afterward!

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