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Attention Hoopla Users!

If you’re a hoopla user, starting Tuesday September 5, you’ll notice a few changes to the service.

After thoughtful evaluation, we’ve made some decisions that will yield a bigger bang for your buck and allow us to focus on what’s in demand. We’ve tried to anticipate questions below, but if we missed something, email Tricia or William for answers.

In a Nutshell:

  • You’ll have a NEW monthly check out limit of 4 per library card (was 5)
  • Audiobooks, eBooks and Comics will still be available for checkout
  • Movies, TV shows, and music will no longer be available for checkout
  • A daily spending limit will apply (see below)

Q: Why are you lowering the monthly checkout limit from 5 to 4?

The library pays an average of $2.19 for every title you check out from Hoopla — regardless of whether you read it or not. In reviewing our stats, we found that the majority of patrons use no more than 3 checkouts. By lowering the checkouts to four, we can better manage the overall cost to the library while evening the playing field between our power users and those who only check out a few titles a month.

Q: Why are Hoopla videos and music going away?

It’s hard for the library to compete with video and music streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora and other sources for cheap or free popular content. In the past year, we’ve found that Audiobooks and eBooks are the most popular formats on Hoopla. By turning off Hoopla videos and music, we can focus our budget on providing the content that’s most in demand and not easily available to you otherwise.

For streaming video, we would encourage you to check out Kanopy. With over 26,000 movies, documentaries, and indie and foreign films from over hundreds of producers, Kanopy provides libraries content that you normally can’t get from consumer streaming services like Netflix, including The Criterion Collection and The Great Courses.

Q: I got a message that says, “Our daily limit has been reached. Please continue to browse, add favorites and come back tomorrow.” What does that mean?

We now have a daily spending cap on Hoopla to moderate how much we spend on Hoopla each month. For example, when we take the monthly budget of $8150 / 31 days =  $263 per day. When the daily cap has been reached, no one will be able to check out for the rest of the day. This doesn’t mean you’ve lost any of your 4 checkouts — just that you’ll have to wait until the daily limit is reset. This occurs around 7 PM CST.

Q: What time of day is the daily limit reset?

The daily budget resets at midnight universal time, which will vary between 6 PM and 7 PM Lawrence time, depending on daylight savings.


The Fall session of Skillbuilders will begin on Tuesday, September 12 at 10:00am with Donna Flory (MSW,retired) leading the discussion. A 10-week series of programs that support, encourage and inform anyone that is going through transitions in their lives due to the death of a loved one, divorce, physical limitations, a move to a new location and other changes. Each presentation addresses daily activities and decisions. Having information that assists in making decisions from these perspectives can help to make the circumstance less challenging.  All presenters are local, which also gives attendees opportunity to be familiar with contacts for future questions.  The programs are informal discussions that encourages questions.

No registration is necessary. Each week is a single program so attendees may attend all or only those topics of interest.

Skillbuilders will meet Tuesday mornings, 10:00-11:30am at the Smith Center at Brandon Woods, 4730 Brandon Woods Terrace, Lawrence, Kansas 66047.  Series will run from September 12 through November 14, 2017. Parking is adjacent to the Smith Center. 

Transportation is available by contacting the Senior Resource Center of Douglas County. Call 785-727-7876 for more details.

Skillbuiders is presented as a partnership of the Lawrence Public Library, Visiting Nurses Association, Senior Resource Center of Douglas County and Brandon Woods at Alvamar.

For more information about Skillbuilders or any particular program, contact Pattie Johnston, Outreach Services at the library, 785-843-3822 extension 115. 


Fall Schedule

September 12      Adjusting to Change #1: Introduction to Skillbuilders

Donna Flory, Paul Reed (VNA), Jan Maddox (BW) and Pattie Johnston (LPL)

September 19      Managing Family Relationships Through Change & Loss

Christina Jordan, VNA-MSW  & Brittany Lucas, VNA-MSW

September 26      Car Care

Richard Haig,     Westside 66 & Car Wash

October        3       Managing Your Money & Financial Matters

Barbara Braa      CTFA, VP Trust Officer   Central Bank of the Midwest

October     10       Home Comfort: Maintenance, Efficiency and Assistance

Tony Hoch, City of Lawrence–Jerry Guffey, Senior Resource Center of Douglas County–

Bruce Peterson, ECKAN

October    17        Feeling Fit–Exercise & You

Charlotte Robinson,  PT–Brandon Woods

October   24        How to Have a Successful Medical Visit

Tom Pfeiler,  MSW–Brandon Woods

October  31          Estate & Legal Matters

Webster Golden,  Attorney at Stevens & Brand LLC

November 7        Cooking for One

                                 Susan Johnson, Douglas County Extension Office    

**this session will meet at the Deal Six Auditorium in the Extension Office at the Douglas County Fairgrounds,  2110 Harper Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044

November 14       Adjusting to Change #2: Closing

Donna Flory, MSW (retired)–Paul Reed, VNA–Jan Maddox, Brandon Woods & Pattie Johnston, LPL


Home Comfort–How to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.



Image result for images home repairWith the temperatures in the 90s, it is difficult to think that it won’t be long before we’ll be confronted with cold weather. To prepare for those winter temperatures, come find out how to keep your house warm and cut your heating bills by learning of methods to make your house more energy efficient and keep the warm inside your house! Also, learn of resources available to assist in ways of weatherizing your house.

On Tuesday, August 15 from  1:30-3:30 in the Lawrence Public Library Auditorium, listen to representatives from the City of Lawrence, Black Hills utility, the Senior Resource Center of Douglas County and local home construction businesses who will explain methods for energy saving improvements and how to apply for grants to implement these improvements.

The event is free and open to the public. No registration is needed.

For more information about this event call Pattie Johnston at the library, 785-843-3833 extension 115.

New to Medicare or Applying for the Service?

New to Medicare? Join the Senior Resource Center’s  Health & Human Services team as they present information on what to expect from the Medicare system at this informative session. The next  session will be held next Wed, September 20, from noon to 1:00pm in meeting room A on the lower level of  the Lawrence Public Library.  Next sessions: Thursdays: October 12, November 9 and December 14.  For more information, contact Lori Phillips at the SRC, 785-842-0453.

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Welcome to Medicare!

Are you new to Medicare? Do you have questions?

The Lawrence Public Library and the Senior Resource Center for Douglas County will present a “Welcome to Medicare” seminar on Wednesday, May 17, from noon to 1 p.m., in Meeting Room A, at the Lawrence Public Library.

Whether you’re turning 65, soon to retire, or just looking for more information, this is a great place to start.  Learn about the different parts of Medicare and what your health care coverage will look like.

Bring your lunch and listen as the basics of Medicare is discussed by a certified Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK)  speaker. Questions are encouraged!

This monthly program on Medicare will be presented at the Library and at the Senior Resource Center of Douglas County.  The next presentation will be on June 21st at the SRC, 2920 Haskell Ave, Lawrence.  The library will host again on July  19th.  All programs will be from Noon-1:00pm.

For more information please contact Health Resource Coordinator Lori Phillips at the Senior Resource Center for Douglas County, 785-842-0543 or Pattie Johnston at the library, 785-843-3833 extension 115.




AARP Driving Safety Class November 16 & 17, 2017

The next AARP Driving Safety Class will be held in Meeting Room B from 10:00am-3:00pm  on Thursday and Friday, November 16 & 17, 2017.  There will be an hour’s lunch break at Noon.

This is a refresher class that includes driving techniques, information on new laws and techniques for older drivers. Insurance discount certificates will be given to those completing both days of the class. 

Space is limited. Registration is required.  Cost is $15 for AARP members (membership must be shown), $20 for non-members. 

Parking is available in the adjacent parking garage at the cost of $1 for the day or streetside metered parking is available around the library.

To register or for more details about the class, contact Pattie Johnston at the Library—785-843-3833 extension 115.





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The Spring 2017 Skillbuilders programs will begin on Tuesday, March 14th at 10:00am at the Smith Center at Brandon Woods. The ten-week series for anyone experiencing significant life changes, including the death of a loved one, divorce, change of location, illness or physical limitations. A variety of topics that deal with practical concerns and others that address personal issues are discussed by local speakers. Skillbuilders is intended to provide information, encouragement and support for making decisions and daily activities.
Skillbuilders is presented 10:00-11:30am on Tuesday morning, March 14-May16, 2017. No registration is required. Each program is a separate program. Attend all or only those topics of interest.
For more information, contact Pattie Johnston at the library 843-3833 extension 115.
Skillbuilders is presented by LPL, Visiting Nurses Association and Brandon Woods at Alvamar with sponsorship with the Senior Resource Center of Douglas County.
Spring 2017 Schedule:
March 14 Adjusting to Change #1: introduction to Skillbuilders
March 21 Feeling Fit–Exercise & You Charloote Robertson, PT at BW
March 28 Estate + Legal Planning Webster Golden, attorney at Stevens & Brand LLP
April 4 Car Care 101 Richard Haig, Westside 66 & Car Wash
April 11 Family Dynamics When LIfe Makes Changes Christina Jordan, VNA
April 18 Oh, It”s Nothing: How Transitions Affect Your Health Julie Andrews, VNA
April 25 Cooking for One (or Two) Susan Johnson, Dg.Co.Extension Office
**program will be held at the Deal Six Auditorium, Dg.Co.Fairgrounds
May 2 Financial Planning Barbara Braa, Central Bank of the Midwest
May 9 How Does Your Garden Grow
Ann Peuser, Clinton Pkwy Nursery & Garden Store
May 16 Adjusting to Change #2: Holidays and Other Events
Donna Flory, MSW (retired)

Get Help with New Gadgets

Struggling with your new phone, tablet, or e-reader? Visit with our resident techies for tips and tricks to navigate your device. Walk-in assistance will be offered twice a week through January:

Tuesdays | 5–6 PM | Meeting Room B
Thursdays | 11 AM–12 PM | Meeting Room C

NoveList—Your Back-up Book Squad

So, you just finished the best book ever and now you have nothing to read. Give yourself time to grieve, then get busy.

LPL librarians love to help readers find new material, but what if we’re closed, you’re out of town, or you prefer going solo and charting your own course?

NoveList connects you with read-alikes (imagine your favorite book had offspring) using the simplest of searches. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced thriller, a bodice-ripping romance, or want to find the next book in a series, log in and watch your nightstand reading pile grow.

NoveList is accessible at all library computers. If you want to log on from your own computer, you’ll need your library card number. Hey! I need a library card!

Learn Anywhere with Lynda

Anyone with a library card can log on and start learning from, a vast collection of online software training in 3D, animation, audio, business, design, developer, home computer, photography, video, web + interactive, Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, and more!

Get started here — all you need is your library card!

“ excels at helping busy professionals keep their software skills razor sharp.” —Jill Duffy,

This resource is made possible by the generosity of the Simpson Foundation.