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Social Media on the Move – Public Comments

Responses to farewell to the building posts:

  • I wish I could come visit one more time before its changed forever. I practically grew up in this library. - Dani Dingman (via Facebook)
  • Excited for the future of the Lawrence Public Library! – Shirley Tirrell (via Facebook)
  • Our family spent many happy hours enjoying Thursday evenings with our favorite storyteller, and we can’t wait to see the new space! – Lisa Stewart (via Facebook)

Responses to weekly email blasts:

  • You are doing a great job preparing us, then keeping us informed. – Dorothy Devlin (via email)
  • I really appreciate your email messages about the progress on the Library reconstruction. Look forward to see it when it is completed. I’m sure you staff members are too. – Lee Young (via email)
  • Way cool Susan! You folks are the best. – Neil and Leni (via email)
Responses to daily deals and discounts:
  • Getting local stores to participate in celebrating the move. So Cool! – Jeff Imparato (via Facebook)
  • This is very cool! I had no idea the library had special offers…is this a new feature or am I just woefully behind the times? – Lori Kleibohmer (via website)
  • I love all things local and I’m so proud of Lawrence businesses supporting the library! – Amy Saunders (via Facebook)

General comments:

  • You guys have the best library page I’ve ever seen. I’m not even local, I live in Ohio, and I’m a fan. Our library just doesn’t get social media or do even one tenth of the things you guys do on yours. The pics are always fun!!!! The page is always engaging! Whoever you are, you do a stellar job! – Robin Donnelly  (via Facebook)
  • You ladies do a great job with social media. Wish you could help us! – Douglas County Community Foundation (via Facebook)
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