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STEAM: Renaissance Science

On Wednesday, September 20th from 4-5 PM, we’ll explore the amazing scientists and artists of the Renaissance in this creative program led by the Spencer Museum of Art in the Auditorium! Program is for ages 7-11. Registration requested. Register at the children’s desk or call 785-843-3833.

Draw Along: Dream and Draw a Better World

On Thursday, July 27  at 11 AM and 2 PM in the Auditorium, your kiddos, family, and friends will complete three refrigerator-ready pictures using elementary art educator Kyle Tiernan’s unique, fail safe approach to teaching kids to draw. Kyle’s shape-by-shape and story-by-story approach to drawing makes the process ridiculously simple for children ages 5-12. You’ll see your children’s artistic self-confidence soar as they leave the program with refrigerator-ready artwork they created and can be proud of. This program was a major hit last summer and with new and different drawing lessons this summer, it’s going to be a lot of fun and we hope you can join us! TWO FREE SHOWS! ALL AGES!

Kidsapalooza: Upcycled Art

Take everyday recyclables from drab to fab! On Wednesday, July 19th from 2-3 PM in the Auditorium, the Spencer Museum of Art will join us in creating amazing art from recycled items! Program is for ages 5-6. Register: 785-843-3833 or at Library Chidren’s Desk.

Exploratorium: Recycled Art!

Give bottle caps, cardboard, milk jugs, and more a second life! On Monday, July 17th from 2-3 PM in the Auditorium, the Spencer Museum of Art will join us for this inventive program. Program is for ages 7-11. Register: 785-843-3833 or at Library Chidren’s Desk.

IMAGE: Mandala 6 by Hillerbrand+Magsamen (

Exploratorium: Cardboard Construction Challenge

On Monday, June 19th from 2-3 PM in the Auditorium, cardboard artist extraordinaire, Juniper Tangpuz, will lead us in creating amazing things from pieces of cardboard! Exploratorium is for ages 7-11. Register: 785-843-3833 or at Library Chidren’s Desk.

Taking on Life: The Prison Poetry Project

MON | Dec 5 | 7 PM | Auditorium

A free and open evening of poetry and art to honor 15 years of the Douglas County Correction Facility’s writing program. Poet Brian Daldorph will speak and read selections from the poems that have emerged over the last 15 years in classes he has led within the prison walls. He will be joined by poet and former student Antonio Sanchez-Day as well as writer Mike Hartnett. The evening includes a chance to view three original works of art created by Norman Akers, Lora Jost and Jen Unekis based on prison poems from the project. Co-sponsored by Lawrence Magazine and Lawrence Public Library with cooperation of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Temporal Turn, Turn, Turn

The Spencer Museum of Art recently underwent a transformative renovation that lasted eighteen months and celebrated with a grand re-opening weekend in October. This reinvigoration was more than cosmetic; it was necessary. The museum upgraded nearly 30,000 square feet —further details can be found on their website.

After dedicating great energy to time and space, the Spencer is prepared for their new exhibition, Temporal Turn: Art & Speculation in Contemporary Asia. The museum offers an eloquent summary: “Temporal Turn explores a rich mosaic of ideas about time and history from a generation of contemporary artists grounded in what has been dubbed the ‘Asian Century.’” It incorporates an impressive cohesion of works of 26 different artists from Asia, four of whom were in residence at the Spencer: Rohini Devasher (India), Jaeyoung Park (South Korea), Sahej Rahal (India), and Tomoko Konoike (Japan).

There are five themes to the exhibit—Pulse, The Edge of Infinity, Mythopoeia, Human/Posthuman/Inhuman, and Anthropocene—that unify this collective effort and its multiple literary references. The Spencer’s expansive catalog for Temporal Turn also contains two contributions from KU: short story “The Empress Jingū Fishes” by Kij Johnson, Assistant Professor of Fiction Writing, along with the piece “Time, Space, and Physics” by Philip Baringer, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy. Read More..

All-ages Monster Art Hunt

Villagers have captured Frankenstein’s monster and torn him to pieces, spreading his parts all over downtown!

It’s your job to put him back together again before he appears in the Lawrence Art Center’s production of Frankenstein.

From October 14–29, grab a scavenger hunt map at the Library Welcome Desk and hit the streets in search of the monster’s “body parts.”

Prizes include a coupon for $5 off a ticket to see Frankenstein, swim pass (for 5-18 year olds), and a chance to win tickets to Science City or the Gottlieb Planetarium at Union Station in KC!

Offered in partnership with the Lawrence Art Center

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Kidsapalooza: Lawrence Arts Center

WED | Jun 29 | 2-3 PM | Ages 5-6 | Auditorium

The Lawrence Arts Center offers an array of arts classes and camps for kids of all ages. For this Kidsapalooza meetup, LAC educators will give us a taste of what they have to offer. Registration required. Call (785) 843-3833 or register in person at the Children’s Desk.


Waste (Not)

Multi-media, New York City-based artist Aurora Robson visited Lawrence recently and inspired a KU art class to explore sculpture using trash. You can see the results starting Friday, June 24 in the Library Atrium.

Matthew Burke, associate professor at KU’s School of Art, asked his students to save their recycling and garbage for two weeks. Then, they worked with Friends of the Kaw to collect trash along the river bank and toured Hamm Recycling—Lawrence’s recycling contractor facilities—to learn about our community’s “waste stream.”

Taking cues from Aurora Robson’s artistic process and her “Waste Stream Curriculum”, Burke’s students went deep into Lawrence’s waste and garbage​ culture and discovered aspects about human environmental impact of which they were previously unaware.

The Enchanted Re•mediation exhibition offers works that use 90% trash and recycling as building material. All works are for sale through a silent auction, and proceeds of the sales will benefit the Friends of the Kaw, our community’s eyes and ears of the Kansas (Kaw) river.

Have a look.


  • Opening Reception
    FRI | Jun 24 | 5-6:30 PM | Lawrence Public Library | Open to the public
  • Exhibit and Silent Auction
    Jun 24 — Jul 8, 2016

Thank you to our sponsors:

Aurora Robson, Artist
Department of Visual Art, KU School of the Arts
Lawrence Arts Center
Solid Waste Management, City of Lawrence
Hamm Recycling
Friends of the Kaw
The University of Hartford
KU Environmental Studies Program
Friends and family