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Bette Davis

Infamous Hollywood Feuds: Bette & Joan Edition

Growing up on a farm as a kid, and being about as outdoorsy as a Kardashian, I often turned to old black and white films to escape to a world I thought better suited my own eclectic personality. I fell in love with the romanticized version of Hollywood and idolized the glamorous femme fatales of Film Noir along with their charming and roguish leading men.

I credit much of my infatuation to the mystique that shrouded the lives of Hollywood stars, and as an adult, I’ve tried to learn more about the real people behind these beloved characters through devouring various memoirs, biographies, and documentaries. Oftentimes, as one might expect, public perception and tabloids that dominated a very controlled news cycle do not match what lies beneath the surface.

I think one of the greatest challenges for film biographers is to get to some sliver of the truth by pulling back the studio-controlled veneer and separating myth from reality.  This is a quality that very few achieve.

In preparation for Ryan Murphy’s new anthology series Feud: Bette & Joan on FX, I decided to visit Shaun Considine’s critically acclaimed work Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud to learn about the series of events that sparked Bette Davis and Joan Crawford’s dramatic schism – and hopefully learn more about the real lives of these iconic starlets of the silver screen. Read More..